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  1. "Took Payment" vs "Paid" Columns on Invoice Screen

  2. Add a Balance Forward (account summary) area to Invoices

  3. Admin Page - Charts and Stats

  4. Advanced Marketr Topic - Notify on warranty creation and expiration

  5. Appointment Booking Module

  6. Appointments

  7. Assets

  8. Setup Information

  9. Automated Remediation

  10. Autotask Importer

  11. Big Chain Hub (Big Chain vs Multiple Accounts, Logistics, Downgrading Big Chain to Single Location )

  12. Branding and adding a Logo

  13. Business Types in Initial Settings Wizard

  14. Calendar and Appointments Module

  15. Can I add serial numbers to my inventory?

  16. Can I add Ticket comments to Invoices?

  17. Can I Bundle Items in RepairShopr?

  18. Can I introduce techs in Field Job emails?

  19. Can I limit employee access to certain IP addresses?

  20. Can I scan a ticket barcode to make the invoice line items show up in the POS?

  21. Can I send emails to all my customers?

  22. Can I sync to Dropbox?

  23. Can I track COGS in Xero using RepairShopr?

  24. Clickatell Integration

  25. CloudBerry Integration

  26. Commit CRM Importer (CommitCRM import to RepairShopr)

  27. Compliance - HIPAA

  28. Connectwise Importer

  29. Contract Management

  30. Credit Card Payment processing overview (Start Here)

  31. Credit Cards: How do I use a credit card swiper?

  32. Custom domains

  33. Custom Widgets

  34. Customer Badges

  35. Customer Purchases

  36. Customer Reports

  37. Customers ( Importing Customers, Exporting Customers, Merge Customers, Bulk Updating, Customer Contacts, Contact Fields, Custom Fields, Masked Fields, Credential Access Report, Customer Portal , Documentation, Prepay Hours, GDPR )

  38. Customizing emails?

  39. Customizing Invoice Template for non-US users

  40. d7 / d7II / dSS Troubleshooting - Reports

  41. d7 integration

  42. Default tax rate

  43. Deleting customer data

  44. Deposits

  45. Device Repair Widget

  46. Discount on an Invoice

  47. Documentation Center

  48. Does RepairShopr let me know about bounced emails/non-deliverables and spam reports?

  49. Domo Integration

  50. Electronic Ordering

  51. Email and SMS Reports

  52. Email in RepairShopr - Replies and Notifications Overview

  53. Employee Reports

  54. Employee Sales Report

  55. Employee Settings

  56. Employee Time Clock

  57. EMV / Chip and Pin - Myths from Fact

  58. Estimates

  59. Flowroute (use your own account/phone/billing) for SMS

  60. Formstack Integration

  61. Free Live Deep Dive Q&A Session

  62. Free Training Session

  63. General Settings

  64. Getting Started with RepairShopr

  65. Glossary of QuickBooks API Errors

  66. Heartbleed FAQ

  67. How can I enter or change my business information?

  68. How can I make my own barcodes using RepairShopr?

  69. How can I open the cash drawer / till from RepairShopr?

  70. How can I use RepairShopr for marketing my business?

  71. How do I create reminders in RepairShopr?

  72. How do I customize my templates in RepairShopr?

  73. How do I make the Ticket system use my own email from address?

  74. How do I merge my customers in RepairShopr?

  75. How do I send automated reminders for open Invoices based on aging?

  76. How do I set up Stripe to work with RepairShopr?

  77. How do I show the cost of my inventory items?

  78. How do I update my payment or plan information?

  79. How do I use Prepay Hours (Block Hours)?

  80. How does the Payment System work?

  81. How to add Users in RepairShopr

  82. How to change the associated ticket number on an invoice

  83. How to remove Users from RepairShopr

  84. If a customer sends us an email, will the body of that email show up as a ticket comment?

  85. iFixit - Product Catalogs

  86. Include custom message in Estimate and Invoice email templates.

  87. Integrating with Square

  88. Inventory - Start Here

  89. Inventory Reports

  90. Inventory Settings

  91. Invoice Reports

  92. Invoices

  93. IT Glue Integration

  94. Kabuto Integration

  95. Leads Preferences (Settings)

  96. Leads walkthrough

  97. Mailboxes - Inbound Email Ticket Creation

  98. MailChimp Integration

  99. Marketr

  100. Microsoft Teams

  101. Migrate from RepairShopr to Syncro

  102. Mobile Defenders Integration

  103. Mobile RepairShopr Lite App iOS/Android

  104. MSP Add-On

  105. Multi Factor Authentication (formerly known as 2FA - google authenticator - authy)

  106. Multiple (many) phone numbers for Customers

  107. My updated logo / company information isn't showing on my PDF's

  108. Need help finding integrations in the App Center?

  109. Ninja RMM Integration

  110. Notification Center Overview

  111. Office 365 / Google Calendar Integration

  112. One Time Use Inventory Products

  113. OpenID - Sign in with Intuit or Google Apps

  114. Organizing Inventory - Category Editor and Tabs

  115. Pages are loading slowly for me

  116. Parts Settings

  117. Parts vs Inventory - The difference

  118. Password Vault

  119. Payment Terms (Invoicing Terms) - Driving the Due Dates

  120. Payments Reports

  121. PBX Integrations

  122. PCRT Importer

  123. PDF/Email Templates

  124. POS (Point of Sale) System

  125. POS Settings

  126. Premium Backups

  127. Printing Hub (AutoPrintr, Google Cloud Print, Printers)

  128. Profit and Loss Reports

  129. Purchase Orders - Restocking Inventory

  130. Quick Switch users (Pin Login)

  131. QuickBooks Desktop Setup and Help

  132. QuickBooks Online Setup and Help

  133. Recur - Residential MSP Automation with Kabuto

  134. Recurring Invoices

  135. Refunds

  136. Refurbs

  137. RepairShopr API - Leads

  138. RepairShopr Demos (Workflow videos)

  139. RepairShopr Mobile App

  140. RepairShopr Platform Details

  141. RepairShopr Referral Program Pilot

  142. RepairShopr REST API - Build custom extensions/apps/addons

  143. RepairShopr Workflow - Espanol

  144. RepairTech Solutions / TechWARU Integration

  145. Reports - Differences in totals

  146. Reports - Overview

  147. RMA / Returns - tracking

  148. Sales Reports

  149. Saved Customer Search

  150. Saved Customer Searches - Sending granular campaigns with MarketR

  151. Scheduled Reports

  152. ScreenConnect Integration

  153. Search Database Reindexing FAQ

  154. Security Groups (Granular Permissions)

  155. Setting up Your Account

  156. Setting up your QuickBooks Integration (Start Here)

  157. Setup Push Notifications with Pushover (and Pebble)

  158. Slack Integration

  159. SMS - Details, Instructions, Templates, Communication

  160. SMS - International availability

  161. SMTP (Email Servers)

  162. Solarwinds (N Able) N-Central Integration

  163. Solarwinds MSP (formerly MaxFocus)

  164. Spiff Tracking (commissions to your employees)

  165. Square Integration for Mobile Apps - iOS/Android

  166. Store Credit and Customer Credit

  167. Store Customer Credit Cards

  168. Support for Multiple Tax Rates GST/PST (BETA)

  169. Supported Hardware

  170. Tabs Customization

  171. Teamviewer Integration

  172. Third Party Billing

  173. Third Party Vendor Integration for Electronic Ordering

  174. Ticket Reports

  175. Tickets (Dashboard, Intake Form, Outtake Form, Workflows , Worksheets, Timers, Custom Fields, Recurring Tickets, Rework Tickets, Ticket Automations , SLA)

  176. Toggl Integration - Time Tracking

  177. Topaz Signature Pads

  178. Translations / What languages are supported

  179. Using your Worldpay Credit Card (EMV/Chip and Pin) Terminal (dejavoo)

  180. Warranty Reports

  181. Warranty Templates

  182. Watchman Monitoring Integration

  183. Website Integrations

  184. What are all the ways a customer can make a ticket?

  185. What do RepairShopr's backups and uptime look like?

  186. What emails does RepairShopr send out and when?

  187. What is a Quick Payment?

  188. Why am I getting the message "Your IP is being throttled"?

  189. Why does Admin look different?

  190. Why is my Tax, VAT or GST not showing on the Z-Report?

  191. WooCommerce Integration

  192. WorldPay Payments in RepairShopr

  193. Worldpay Payments Setup Instructions

  194. Xero Integration

  195. Z-Report - End of Day Report - Cash Register Closing Report

  196. Zapier Integration

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