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Security Groups (Granular Permissions)

What it does

  • Lets you set granular permission levels for non-Global Admins on what can be edited, created and deleted or viewed in the app at an individual or group level.
  • By default we have a Technicians group that all your techs are assigned to.

What it doesn't do

  • Global Admins cannot have security permissions imposed on them. They always have full access. All Global Admins can also delete other users/techs (including other Global Admins) and change billing information. Therefore, a best practice to have the least amount of Global Admins as possible, but at least two in case one gets accidentally locked out.
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Configure Security Groups

You can configure groups and then assign users to a group.

  1. Head to Admin > Security Groups.
  2. Click Edit by a group to adjust what permissions the group has.
  3. Enable/disable the desired permissions. (These will change over time as features are launched and permissions are requested. We try to do the reasonable thing by default.)

  4. When finished, click Update Group.

Assign users to a group

  1. Once you have your groups setup, in the left nav click Users.
  2. Click Details by a user you want to assign to a Group.
  3. Click the Security Groups/Calendar Groups dropdown and check the Group(s) you want this user in. Yes, they can be in multiple Security Groups. One use case is a tech with Time Clock admin abilities. Another is a manager who doesn't have full delete capabilities in the system.

  4. Once finished, click Update User.

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