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Clickatell Integration

NOTE: Clickatell is no longer supported. The below info is for legacy users. Instead, we recommend using Twilio.

Clickatell allows more competitive rates in certain parts of the world. Click here to check out your location. Clickatell also allows more robust SMS reporting, and will also allow you to customize the From address, instead of the random number that is used.

To start, create an HTTP API in Clickatell, and copy the information into the App settings in the Clickatell App Card.

We currently handle the international rules for you, so just enter mobile numbers on your customers like you would locally. For example, in the USA, we need to add a +1 in the front, and in the United Kingdom, we'll add the +44 for you!

Let us know if you have any issues, this is what the settings we need look like.

Sender ID

The Sender ID is the name or number that the SMS will come FROM, usually they allow you to use your business name, or a phone number you own, check with Clickatell for what is available to be used there.

Here is the information from Clickatell's page on setting up a Sender ID.

Inbound SMS via Clickatell

We now support Inbound SMS. You will need the two-way SMS product configured, your account should look like this (contact Clickatell if you need help with this).

You will then need to configure your "Reply Path" like so.

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