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Scheduled Reports and Favorite Reports


Scheduled Reports are a great way of getting a report of what happened inside your account automatically generated and shown to you so that you can keep up to date on everything that's happening. It's also a good way to monitor the status of your shop and catch things that happen before they are a problem.

Report Favorites allow you to pin reports you commonly use to the top of the page for easier access!

Table of Contents

Scheduled Reports
Report Favorites
Reports that cannot be saved as Favorites

Scheduled Reports

You can set up a new Scheduled Report by navigating to: More > Admin > Reports, then in the upper right, click Scheduled Reports.

Once there, you'll see a list of all of your reports that are scheduled to run.

Click New Scheduled Report to create a new schedule.

Name: Enter the display name of the Scheduled Report.
Report: Select which report to be generated.
Report Date Range: Select the range of the time the report pulls data for.
Frequency: Controls the schedule for when the report is generated.
Run Next At: Select the date for the schedule to begin.
Email Body: This will be the body of the email that is sent when the Scheduled Report runs. You can use HTML tags, such as <strong>, to format the text.

Things to note

  • The only reports that currently support scheduling are the ones in the "Report" drop-down menu.
  • You will need to go to the following reports and select a customer before scheduling those reports here:
    • Customer Detail
    • Executive Summary
    • Executive Summary Report Builder
    • RMM Summary By Customer
  • You can also access the Scheduled Reports by navigating directly to a report that supports it and clicking the Schedule button at the top.


Customer Selection

Search for Customers in the field to add them to the recipients list for their business. It will send it to the main address assigned to the Customer. The second section under that allows you to add Customers via Customer Saved Searches as well.

Note: The list will de-dupe so folks will only get the report email once each time the job runs.


Internal Recipients

Add any internal team members you would like to receive the Scheduled Reports.


Note: Only Customers/Contacts that have the Receive Report Emails option turned on in their Settings will be getting the emails.

External Recipients

Currently only customers in your system and internal users, as listed above, can receive reports.


Report Favorites

Report favorites allows you to save all report settings including customer, columns, sort orders, and filters, and save them into a favorite report that can easily be accessed from the main Reports page.


How to favorite a report

  1. Click a report name.
  2. Set the columns, sort order, and filters as desired. What you can customize will vary by report.

  3. Run the report.
  4. Click Save Favorite to save the report settings as a favorite.
  5. Give the report a Name.

  6. Click Save Favorite.
  7. It will now surface on your report favorites. 

Things to Note

  • Favorites cannot be added to every report on the reporting page. See below for a full list of reports that cannot be favorited.
  • Favorites can also be accessed by selecting the 'Favorites' button at the top right of the reports page. This will show you a full list of all your favorite reports.
  • Not all time filters/periods can be saved currently. Saved reports is a work in progress as we plan to continue to iterate on the number of reports included as well as what filters can be used.

Reports that cannot be saved as Favorites

Customer Export
Customer Export (freshbooks)
Customer Map
Miscellaneous Credits

Daily Sales (old)
Sales Overview

Recurring Tickets
Resolved Tickets
Ticket Export

Invoice Export
Line Item Export

Inventory Changes
Inventory Changes by Date
Inventory Stockout
Logistics Export
Product Labels

Profit and Loss
Profit and Loss (old)

Payments Summary
Unsettled Payments


Warranties by Expiration Date

Email and SMS
Communications Summary
Consumables Usage
Inbound Emails Summary

Reports that can be saved but NOT after filtering

Customer Detail

Payments by Day
Sales Detail

Email and SMS
Communications Summary

Reworked Tickets


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