Multiple Tickets on an Invoice

Multiple Tickets on an Invoice

Do a ton of work for a customer or client during the month and only want to have a single invoice? You're in the right place.

What it does
You can easily and quickly add multiple tickets to a single invoice to make billing easy when you have done a ton of work for a customer.

What it doesn't do
Currently the invoice will only link directly back to the ticket it was created from if created on a ticket.


It's pretty straightforward. Head to the invoice and if there is a ticket with Pending Charges on it, a new section called Shopping Cart will be present above the Line item section.

To add Tickets from the Shopping Cart, simply click the Add button on whichever ticket you want to add or click Add All.

After you choose your Add option, the screen will refresh and the line will be added to the invoice. The Ticket numbers will be reflected in the description of the line item to help differentiate the line items on the invoice.

Removing a ticket line item will move it back to the Shopping Cart.

Once the ticket has been added to the Invoice, if you head back to the ticket and click the Add/View Charges button, the line items there will reflect that they were added to an invoice.

That's it for now :)

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