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Create reminders in RepairShopr

The software allows you to easily remind yourself or your techs about important task items! You can find reminders on the main welcome screen, or from the user menu in the upper-right.

Here, you can set important details about the reminder, including which customer (optional), which tech should follow up, and when the reminder will pop up on the screen (its due date).

Here we have a customer selected (Sarah), and the date and time it's meant to remind the tech (Demo Admin) in this case.

On the Welcome screen, we can see a list of all upcoming reminders:

When we go to another page within the application, and the due date has passed, we'll see this pop up to alert us that it's time to call Sarah about that estimate. From here, we can snooze the reminder, which will push it off for one day, or we can dismiss it. Dismissing will remove the reminder.

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