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Sales Reports

This is a breakdown of what data the Sales Reports section contains. Access via More > Admin > Reports > Sales section.

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Daily Sales (old)

This report will allow you to select a date range and display how many paid invoices you had, per day, within the specified time range. You also have the option to include unpaid Invoices, by day, within the specified time range. Because this report shows paid invoices, if you are needing to see partially paid invoices, refer to the report below.

Along with the invoices, beneath each day you will be able to see how much you made via each payment method. This report can be exported to PDF as needed as well.



This report shows you all discounts made to line items. There are links to specific invoices so you can see the context of each discount.

Select your date range, then click Run Report. After generating the report, you can export the results to a spreadsheet by clicking the CSV button in the upper right.


Invoices By Day

This report shows invoices for each day in a given time period, and the totals for each day.

  1. Select desired time Period.
  2. Select whether you want to show Paid invoices, unpaid invoices, or both.
  3. If you want to see invoices for a specific Customer, select them from the dropdown.
  4. Click Run Report after making your selections.
  5. Schedule the report to run on a regular basis and email selected designated staff to receive it.
  6. After running the report, click CSV to export the results to a spreadsheet.
  7. Click a specific invoice to see it.
  8. Click a customer to see their profile.


Payments By Day

This reports shows all successful payments and amounts made each day, with totals for each payment method at the bottom. You can click the specific invoices to see the context for each payment.

Select a time Period, a Saved Customer Search if desired, then click Run Report. You can Schedule the report to run on a regular basis and email selected designated staff to receive it, and click CSV to export the results to a spreadsheet.


Sales by Product

This report will give you visibility on each of your inventory items sold within the time range you specify. For example, if you choose Month to Date, you can see how many Widgets you sold, and the average cost, price, etc in that time range. Note that it only includes items in inventory and not one-off items manually added to invoices. This is because the intent of that report is to see what existing products have been sold.

Once you are finished you can export to a CSV as needed.


Sales Detail

This report will break down each transaction on the line item level, giving you as much detail on your transactions as possible. So you can see how each line item was paid for, as well as the associated Invoice it was on, employee, and several other details as well.

Also, after selecting a date range, you'll be able to see Total Price, Total Extended, and Total Extended Net. When you're finished, you can export this to a CSV as needed.


Sales of Parts

This will give you visibility on the parts you have sold. Here you will see three fields listed

Parts Requested: Lists all parts, both those requested and those that have been received.
Parts Your Cost: Lists all parts that are currently requested, both paid and unpaid.
Parts You Invoiced: List the parts that have been added to an invoice


Sales Overview

This report will provide an at-a-glance view of the work that has come through your company, including tickets, estimates, gross, net, and more.

The totals provided on this report will not include any sales tax. Also, only paid invoices created the day of will appear here. For example, an invoice created 2 weeks ago but paid today will not appear on the 'Today' portion of this report.


Sales Summary by Customer

This report will give you a view on payments your customers have made, on the payment level, and will include all of their contact details. It will also show you balance due if they have made a partial payment.

For example, if John Doe has an invoice for $100, and makes a payment for $20, the report will show the John Doe has paid $20 and has a balance due of $80. If John Doe makes a second payment the next day for another $20, the report will update his line to show that he has paid $40, and still owes $60.

You will also be able to tell how much total a customer has paid you, along with other more detailed information. This report is useful to find which customers still owe you money within whatever time frame you specified.


Z Reports

This report shows lists all the times a given cash register was opened and closed, along with a link to a PDF for each time period.

Pick your Register, select a different time Period if desired, then click Run Report.

Click PDF by a time period to see a detailed report.

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