Inventory Reports

Inventory Valuation Report

This report will display a list of your entire inventory, and break down QTY, total cost, and total value.

At the bottom of the report you'll be able to see totals.

Inventory Stockout Report

This report will show you all of your low quantity inventory items. It relies on the "Reorder at" number in the inventory item itself. You can replenish these quickly by creating a new PO and clicking "Add all low QTY items."

Inventory Changes Report

This report will show a master list of all of your inventory and break down each change that has happened to that item, as seen in the change log on the item itself.

Inventory Changes Report (by date)

This report is identical to the one above, but with the ability to specify a date range for the changes:

Shrink Report (beta)

This report helps to identify product instances that are lost in a time period.

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