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Topaz Signature Pads

Download Plugin:

If you want to just download the installer, here are the direct links:
Models ending in: -BSB-R and -BBSB-R

Models ending in: -HSB-R, -BHSB-R, and -B-R

We recommend the mid-range model that supports the e-ink so people can see what they were writing.

We have a link to the one we used for testing here: Supported Hardware

*Windows Only per Topaz as of Feb 21 2014, Chrome/Firefox

On that page click "Download Plugin" and install that. It will ask what model/series you have, and ask you to reboot.

Enable Signature Pad

Visit Admin > Settings > Invoices > Enable Topaz Signature Pad. Then click Save.

Now after you take a payment, and for the Intake Form, the signature pad will be changed to use the Topaz browser plugin.

Visits to that page should activate the plugin when the page loads - and it should be ready to accept a signature.

After the customer signs, press the Save button to save it and trigger the receipt to print, it should include that signature in the printout.

*Note, printing is a second or two slower with signatures - when we build the pdf we have to also build the signature image which takes a second


If you do get it installed and it's not working, here are some things to try:

1. You might have an outdated certificate from Topaz that is blocked.  You can download the following file and run it as an Administrator, then reboot your system.

2. Go to topaz and try their demo page: - if you try one of those first couple tests, and they work, that means you probably have a working installation.

3. Reinstall the Topaz SigWeb Plugin. You can uninstall the previous versions of any Topaz software from the Control Panel first if you already have some software installed.  It's important that you download and install the plugin from this knowledgebase article and not the main Topaz website. Check the model number on the back of your signature pad and download the corresponding plugin above.

4. Check if you have a Topaz Service running. You can do this by opening up your Start Menu, typing "Services.msc" (without quotes), and then searching through that list for a Service that starts with "Topaz". If you do not see a service there, you may have to reinstall the Topaz SigWeb Plugin. 

NOTE: Google Chrome has a separate issue that is outlined in the Invoice article.

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