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Microsoft Teams

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Adding Webhook and choosing Events



First head to the App Center and locate the App Card and click in to it!


Next you will be presented with a description and a enable button. Click the Enable button to proceed.


Once the feature is enabled, a new column will show in the Notification Center.


You will also see a new field for Webhooks appear in the Notification Center

At this point you are going to need a webhook from MS Teams for the integration to work. So head over to MS Teams and locate the channel you want the notifications to get posted. Click the 3 dot context menu, then click Connectors.

A pop-up will come up and in this case, you will want to choose the Webhook option by clicking Configure.



The window will refresh and you will be prompted to enter a Name for the Webhook connection.

You can also upload an image that will be used in the post in Teams when the Notification fires off. Then click Create.


After you click Create the page will refresh and a Webhook will be shown. Copy that and head back to the Notification Center in RS.

Paste the Webhook in the Teams Webhook field and then lastly select the notifications in the Teams Column you want to have sent to MS Teams when the event happens.


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