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PDF System Upgrade - April 2, 2024

As part of our infrastructure upgrades in RepairShopr, we have upgraded our PDF system as of April 2, 2024

If you find that you are experiencing unexpected formatting issues with any of your PDF templates, we recommend resetting them back to their system default as this should resolve any known formatting issues.

To reset your PDF template, you’ll want to head to Admin > RepairShopr Administration > PDF / Email Templates and select the template which you’d like to update from the list. Please refer to the example screenshot highlighting the reset option for the Ticket template below:

If resetting back to system defaults is not an option, please refer to the Expected Changes and Known Issues sections below for recommended CSS updates to your templates.

Which of my PDF templates may be affected by this update?

The following customizable PDF templates will be affected after the PDF upgrade:

  • Invoice
  • Invoice Packing Slip
  • Statement
  • Ticket
  • Estimate
  • Purchase Receipt (from a customer purchase)
  • Purchase Order
  • Intake and Outtake Forms

What are the expected changes to PDFs in this update?

This section reflects known changes in behavior you can anticipate after the PDF system upgrade as our team has observed the changes in our testing.

Slight zoom and structural changes

While your actual template structure, font styles and sizes will NOT change after this upgrade, we do expect some very slight differences in generated PDFs. Consider the following example, with the current behavior on the left and the new behavior on the right:

Known issues with custom PDF templates in the upgraded system

Below are some known issues we've seen some partners encounter with their customized PDFs using the upgraded system. For all cases marked 'Solution Provided', either resetting to the default PDF template or manually modifying the CSS as indicated in the corresponding section should resolve the issue.

Multi-line table rows break onto next page if they would otherwise overflow [Resolved]

For tables that display lengthier text, such as Ticket Comment tables used in Ticket PDFs, multi-line rows would break onto the next page if they would overflow at all onto the next page in the new PDF system. Given partner feedback on this change, we've released an update to retain previous behavior so that page breaks occur inside multi-line tables now.

Header cutting off text or overlapping [Solution Provided]

Some partners have reported issues with headers and table rows overlapping each other. This unfortunately does not have a simple resolution so we're restoring our previous default of having no header on each subsequent page when tables span multiple pages. 

 If you'd like to restore a header, you can add the following CSS in your template 
thead { 
  display: table-header-group !important; 



 If you notice that there is overlap with the header and table rows, then you'll want to update the .invbody CSS class from overflow: auto to overflow: visible. In our testing, we have found this to resolve known cases.

Text being cut off for long table rows that have to span multiple pages [Solution Provided]

In some cases, we found that text in rows that span multiple pages ends up being cut off at the bottom/top of pages. If you are noticing this behavior, reset your templates or update the .invbody CSS class from overflow: auto to overflow: visible



Summary sections being pushed to the next page [Solution Provided]

On invoices and estimates predominantly, we've seen cases where summary sections were being pushed to the subsequent after line item tables, rather than immediately after on the same page, differing from previous behavior. If you are noticing this behavior, reset your templates or remove page-break-before: always; from the invbody-summary CSS class. 



Custom fonts fall back to system default in new PDF system [Resolved]

We resolved an issue where specifying other fonts in templates were not working as expected in generated PDFs and the default font was always used. This issue is now resolved and you should find that custom fonts generate as expected in the new PDF system now.

Signatures from Topaz Signature E-systems not generating in new PDF system [Resolved]

We resolved an issue where signatures saved via Topaz E-signature systems were not generating as expected in the new PDF system when using the signature template tag in PDFs. This issue is now resolved and you should find that Topaz Signatures generate in the new PDF system as expected now.


  • Will the template tags I use in my PDF templates be effected at all in this update?
    No, the PDF system upgrade will have no affect on template tags used in customizable PDF templates today

  • Will the PDFs generated in reports and sent to my customers be affected by this upgrade?
    No, the PDF system upgrade should have no affect on your ability to generate report PDFs. The only reports affected by this upgrade are the Customers Map, Miscellaneous Credits Report, Product Sales Report, Daily Sales Report (old), Pending Ticket Charges Report, Tax Report, and Un-Settled Payments Report. All of which have been tested thoroughly and should be unaffected by the system upgrade.

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