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Customer Purchases


Customer Purchases allows you to buy devices from Customers, and then track the Item's status if any refurbishing is needed before adding it to your Inventory as a ready-to-sell Item.


Table of contents

Enable customer purchases
Set up purchase receipt
Add/edit Customer Purchases
Finalize the purchase
After the purchase


Enable customer purchases

First, you'll need to enable the feature.

  1. Head to Admin > Inventory - Preferences.
  2. Check the Enable Purchasing from the public (Customer Purchases Module) box.
  3. Click Save.


Set up purchase receipt

Once that is enabled, you'll have a new Purchase Receipt template you can modify if desired.

  1. Go to Admin > PDF/Email Templates.
  2. Click Purchase Receipt Template.
  3. To change the default version, click Edit Purchase Template.
  4. After making the desired changes, click Update Template.

These Receipts are meant to store the details of what you bought, the identification of the person you bought it from, and give you an easy receipt to hand them.


Add/edit Customer Purchases

To access the Customer Purchases module,

  1. Click the Invoices tab.
  2. In the upper right, click Invoice Modules > Customer Purchases.

From there, you can create a new Purchase or modify existing ones by clicking the pencil button to the right of them.

To create a new Purchase, in the upper right click New Customer Purchase.

Next, find an existing customer or create a new one, fill in their Customer Identification if desired, then click Create Customer Purchase.

After doing so, you'll be taken to the Purchase Details screen.

At the top, you'll find the Customer Information. The Status starts off as "Estimate." You can add General Notes and Attach a File. Attaching a file is often used if you'd like to keep an image of the Customer's ID, or an image of the original device you are buying.

Below Customer Information, you'll see Purchases. This is where the Items/devices will appear when you add them.

You can add two types of Purchase items.

  • On the left side, items already part of your inventory. For instance, if you sold something to your customer and now you're buying back that second-hand item.
  • On the right side, items that are not yet part of your inventory.

Below that, you have the ability to add notes in the Comments/Notes field and see the history of your notes in the Log to the right. Notes are intended to be used along with the Status drop-down above for tracking the progress of the device before it is added back to your Inventory.


Finalize the purchase

Once you're finished adding the items, in the upper right, click PDF to print a purchase receipt.

Then to pay the customer for their item(s), in the PURCHASES box in the lower right, click Pay Out.

You'll then be taken to the Pay for Customer Purchase screen where you can select the Payment method. If you have a Store Credit Payment Method, you can record the purchase as a credit to that Customer for later use on Invoices.

Enter a Ref num and Message if desired, then click Record Payment.

The Status will now be "Paid." That's it! Now that you own the product, it's time to prepare it for resale.


After the purchase

If you entered the product in the Manual New Inventory Item fields on the right because it did not exist in your inventory, do the following.

  1. Enter the Retail Price you want to charge.
  2. To add it to your regular inventory, click Add Product.
  3. To create a one-off product, click Add One Time Product. Once you follow the steps below to add it to inventory, the item will have the One Time Use box checked.
  4. In either case, the Status will change to "Product Created."
  5. Continue with the steps below.

Whether you just now added an item that previously wasn't in your inventory with the steps above, or you added a Serialized Inventory Item in the fields on the left, you now have the option to Add to Inventory or Start (the) Refurb process.

If the item is ready to be sold as-is, click Add to Inventory. The Status will change to "Added to Inventory."

  1. Click the product name to edit all details of the item.
  2. Under the RETAIL column, click Override to then change the retail price.
  3. Click the print button to print a label.
  4. Click the double arrows button to move the item to a different product. Then enter the product name and click the one you want, then click Move.
  5. Click the PDF button view and download a label PDF.
  6. If there is nothing else to do, under Customer Information, change the Status dropdown to Completed.

Otherwise, click Start Refurb to start that process.

  1. The Status will change to "Waiting on Refurb."
  2. Enter the Issue—what needs to be fixed before selling it.
  3. Click Send to Refurb. This will take you to the Refurb screen.
  4. See our Refurbs article to take it from here.
  5. When you finish the refurb process, the Status will automatically change to Completed.

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