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What are all the ways a customer can make a ticket?

There are a handful of channels a customer can use to create tickets with your repair shop. You will find each method below:

1. A customer emails your shop

If a customer emails your shop using your inbound email alias (Admin > Ticket Preferences > Inbound Email Alias) one of two things can happen:

a. If the customer is new, and not currently in your data base, a new lead will be created which you can process into a customer + ticket.

b. If the customer currently exists in your database and they email you, you can change your Ticket Preferences to automatically have their email convert to a ticket on their customer record and skip becoming a lead. To do this, mark the "Create Tickets from Leads (if valid)" box in Admin > Ticket Preferences.

If you'd like to use your own custom email and not the default email from the software, refer to this article.

2. From your website 

You can use our app's website integrations (Admin > Website Integrations) to put a form on your site for customers to create tickets / leads. See the below links for more details.

3. Through a kiosk in your repair shop

There is also the option to have a customer facing Kiosk (some sort of screen, a PC, Mac, or tablet) that you can launch from Leads > Kiosk Mode. Customers can then walk into your shop and check themselves in or create a new service ticket.

4. Through their customer portal

Customers can also log into their Customer Portal to create new tickets.

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