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Invoices paid in QuickBooks Online not syncing to Syncro

The most common reason for payments not syncing over is when the payment taken in QuickBooks pays multiple invoices at once. Each payment that is imported from QuickBooks (QB) needs to be associated with just one invoice to successfully be brought in.

There are several ways to resolve this.

  • Make sure your payments in QuickBooks Online are only applied to one invoice at a time. Don't pay multiple invoices with one payment.
  • If the payment has already been taken in QuickBooks and isn't syncing to RepairShopr, take the payments in RepairShopr. If the syncing payments to QuickBooks from RepairShopr is enabled, it will create duplicate payments in QuickBooks. Delete those extra payments in QB after they sync. If the payments were made by credit card, you would use a payment method in RepairShopr such as "Offline CC" since they were taken in QB. This will avoid double charging customer's credit cards.
  • On future invoices, take payments in RepairShopr instead of QuickBooks and let them sync to QuickBooks. Payments that pay multiple invoices in RepairShopr will correctly sync to QuickBooks.

If that isn't the case, please email to Support the links to invoices in RepairShopr that didn't have the payment sync successfully and we'll attempt to re-sync it on our end.

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