Custom domains

The way the Custom Domain add-on works is:
  1. You find a subdomain you like at RepairShopr that will work on your domain (must be the same)
  2. You make sure it's available in RepairShopr by visiting the Update Profile page and changing the 'Subdomain' field to the one you want
  3. You make a CNAME dns record for your subdomain to point to
  4. Tell us, so we can add it to the load balancer
  5. We will change your custom domain setting for you and notify you when complete
Here is an example, if your website is - and your subdomain at RepairShopr(RS) is 'cr' - your custom domain will be:

If your subdomain is 'computerrepair' - then it would look like '' - you may want to find something more generic if you are going to use the custom domain feature.

Once you are ready, make a CNAME record like this;
(assuming we are going with 'cr' for a subdomain)
CR ->

PLEASE NOTE: The subdomains on these must match. For example: >

The "xyz" must be the same in both cases.

**IF you decide you would like a new sub-domain, you can go to Admin > Account Profile to search for a new one.

Once that is ready to go, just make a support ticket with us and we can do our part.

NOTE: The system doesn't allow multiple certificates so you will encounter an SSL error when you login.  This won't continue to occur if you stay logged in and it will not be visible to customers.  This is something we are not able to fix until our hosting provider allows it. It's probably not something that will be fixed.



If you send us a subdomain and it doesn't work, it's because our tool is checking public DNS servers for the correct record and for whatever reason the DNS entry isn't resolving correctly.

This can be caused by a number of things:
  1. Not enough time has passed, the record isn't replicating yet.
  2. It was setup incorrectly.
  3. Lots of other reasons.
In order to test this, please go to

     1. Enter in the complete sub-domain URL you wish to check.
     2. Select CNAME from the dropdown.
     3. Click Go.

Here is a screenshot of what it should look like:

If the record is setup correctly, the answer will have your listed. Here is an example result that is valid:

Here is an example of a result that is not valid:

**If your query does not get this result, make sure to consult technical support for your registrar or web developer.

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