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Saved Customer Searches - Sending granular campaigns with MarketR

You may have noticed a green search button when you head over to your customer page in the software.

This newly upgraded customer list feature will allow you to quickly and easily create filtered customer lists that you can use in your Marketr campaigns!

To do that, select your parameters, name your search, and click save. To view your list, you can export to a CSV or click the name of the saved list to view all of the customers in that list. In this case, I selected 'Business' and now my customer list shows 11 named only:

To learn more about the Saved Customer Search module, see our article here.

Once you're happy with your list, head over to the Marketr tab. If you used an old customer list before, you may notice that a warning has appeared on some of your campaigns, asking you to add a new customer search to them. Just edit the campaign, select the new customer search you created, and save.

If you're using this feature to remind customers about warranty expiration, you can set that up by following the steps above. Just use the warranty expiration customer search setting:

Just name and save your search, and assign it to an active Marketr campaign.

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