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Office 365 Calendar Integration

We built the most secure and solid integration possible using the OAuth based integration system Microsoft released. Some other sites on the internet require you to store your Active Directory credentials, and their software logs in as you on your behalf. We store a token that is only allowed access to the calendar, not the entire active directory domain that you might be an admin of.

What it does

  1. When you add appointments in our app, they show up in your Office 365 calendar.
  2. When you update/delete our app's appointments, we sync the change to Office 365 calendar.
  3. When you add appointments in Office 365, they show up in our app.
  4. When you delete an appointment in Office 365, we will delete our app's copy.

What it doesn't do

  • Sync existing appointments in Office 365.
  • Sync recurring appointments.
  • Office 365 Home is not supported by the integration at this time.

As you can see from numbers 1 and 3, this is a two-way sync. For Office 365, syncing is nearly instantaneous.

Getting started

  1. In the upper right, click your name > My Calendars. (You must click your name, NOT the More menu.)
  2. Click Office 365 Outlook Calendar.
  3. Sign in to your Office 365 account.
  4. From here just follow the instructions!


If Office 365 is not syncing, please relink it to troubleshoot this.

  1. Just like when you set it up, in the upper right, click your name > My Calendars.
  2. Click Office 365 Outlook Calendar.
  3. Click Unlink Calendar.
  4. Once the calendar is unlinked, add the new calendar in and make sure "2-way Sync" is turned on.
  5. Create an appointment in RepairShopr and see if it goes over to O365.
  6. When it does, update the appointment in O365 and check if the changes are sent to RepairShopr.
  7. Please also try to create a new appointment in O365 and see if this syncs over to RepairShopr.

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