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Connectwise Importer

We have built a tool that uses the Connectwise API to pull in your data. 

What it does

It will pull in Customers, Contacts, and Tickets.

What it doesn't do

There is currently no good de-duplication, so only run it if your account's customer database is empty.
(If it tells you that you cannot run it, you can write to and we can help you out)

How it works

Just head here to access the app from your account.

What you will need for a successful import:

1. The host name, without the http:// part.

2. Company name

3. "Integrator user" username.

4. "Integrator user" password.

5. You need the API's enabled to grant access to the data. This needs to be done on the Connectwise side of things. Enable the API's for Contacts/Customers/Tickets, otherwise the import will fail.

It can take quite a while, start it and then head to Reports -> Import Results and refresh for status. If it fails it should say why.

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