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Third Party Billing

There are times when a ticket is being worked on for one customer, but another customer is going to pay the bill. This is where third party billing comes into play.

When you create a ticket, it is attached to a customer. That customer will then receive all updates and communication as work is being done on the ticket. Once that ticket is complete and the work is ready for payment, an invoice is then created from the ticket so that the two are linked together.

By default, the invoice will be created for the same customer as was listed on the ticket. However, in the Bill to Customer area, clicking Change Customer will allow you to modify this.

You will be prompted to select the new customer that will be billed for the invoice. Enter the customer's name and click Change Customer to save the change.

Once the new billing customer has been selected, a new section will be added to the invoice to show the original customer that belongs to the ticket allowing for easy access to information all from the same page.

If you change the customer on the Invoice, but want to revert it back to the original customer, simply click Change Customer again, search for the original Customer and click Change Customer to save it.

Note: If you change the customer on an invoice that is not linked to a ticket, it will only update the Bill to Customer part; it will not add the Ticket Customer (Job) part below it.

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