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ScreenConnect Integration

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ScreenConnect is a tool you can use to remote control your customers' computers to make remote support a breeze! With our integration, you can just click to have a session created with the details copied over from the ticket.



  1. To get started, navigate to Admin > App Center > ScreenConnect app card.
  2. You will obtain your ScreenConnect URL and Instance ID in ConnectWise Control. In a new browser tab, login into your ScreenConnect account at
  3. If you don't already have an instance created, create one first.
  4. With the instance created, copy the Instance URL highlighted here:
  5. In RepairShopr in the ScreenConnect App URL field, paste the Instance URL. Make sure to include https:// in front of the URL.
  6. Check the Using ScreenConnect V6 box.
  7. Switch back to ConnectWise Control. In the left-hand nav, click Admin > Extensions.
  8. Click Browse Extension Marketplace.
  9. In the upper right Search Extensions field, type RepairShopr.
  10. Click the RepairShopr Integration icon.
  11. Click Install.
  12. Once it installs, in the upper right click the X to close the Extension Marketplace.
  13. You should now see the RepairShopr Integration listed in the Installed Extensions.
  14. In the lower left, click the Extras cubes icon and select Generate API Token.
  15. Copy the token in the dialog.
  16. Click CLOSE.
  17. On the upper-right of the RepairShopr Integration card, click the three dots > Edit Settings.
  18. Click the Custom: radio button.
  19. Paste the API Token you generated.
  20. Click SAVE SETTINGS.
  21. Switch back to RepairShopr. In the ScreenConnect API Key field, paste the API Token you generated.
  22. Click Save.


Our ScreenConnect integration requires that a Ticket have a valid phone and email address. 

If you get an error like this,: {errorType: InvalidOperationException,message:Unable to process arguments: Invalid JSON primitive: nil.,detail:null} 
  • Ensure your customer has a valid phone or email address for that ticket customer
  • Check you have Using ScreenConnect V6 enabled in your ScreenConnect settings in RepairShopr. This can be found in Admin > App Center > ScreenConnect.

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