Use your own email From address when emailing from RepairShopr

NOTE: To prevent your outbound email from being sent to spam folders we have setup a lot of email security on our alias domain of * If you change this and notice email being sent to your customer's spam folders, please change it back to this before contacting us for help.

To configure mailboxes head to the below link:
Automatically create tickets from inbound emails


SPF (Email Security) - Keep yourself out of spam folders

SPF is a special DNS record you need to create so that other mail servers know we are allowed to send email on your behalf. You probably already have a record created, for example with Office 365 it looks like:

v=spf1 -all
If you want to add our server as permitted to also send on behalf of your domain, you should add our IP like this:

Our IP:

Example new SPF record:

v=spf1 +ip4: -all

Adding the above record basically says for your domain, that server and our IP are allowed to send on your behalf.

You basically just insert "+ip4:" into the middle of your existing record, or if you don't have an existing record, make a new DNS record like:

DNS Record Type: TXT
v=spf1 +ip4: -all

On to the guided tour

After following these steps, the software will send ticket updates with your own email as the "from" address. When a customer replies, it will be sent to your own email account, and forwarded back to the software, which will recognize the email, and log it in the correct ticket. 

Here is a screenshot for step #2:

What if an email comes in from someone that isn't an existing customer?

If an email comes to this address that has a from address not recognized by the system, we put it in your inbound email log. Visit your Inbound Email Log in Admin > Reports > Email and SMS to see all the emails that have come to your alias.

Using Google Apps to use your own email address

If you use Google Apps, another way to have this work would be to setup a Group - and put your alias in the group as a member.

You can also use the simple 'email forwarding' in gmail as well. See this help document

In Exchange, you could make a contact and give it this email address or have a mailbox forward a copy of its mail to the contact pointing to our alias.

Here is a full example:

If your subdomain is 'test' -
And your domain is
You could make a group called, and add RS as a member with

1. Head to google apps admin console and select groups

2. Create a new group

3. Be sure you have it set to allow email from the internet

4. Click to add members/destinations

5. Add our email alias, and OPTIONALLY yourself or some other destination where you want to monitor the replies "just in case"

That will work just like that, and if you enable leads - they will start flowing.

Contact us if you get stuck on any of these steps - thanks!

Additional note:
If you change your subdomain your old Inbound Email Alias will no longer receive and process emails to your account. The Default Inbound Alias can be found under: Admin > Tickets > Preferences > Additional Settings > Inbound Email Alias, and you'll need to instead start using the new subdomain in your alias to receive emails at that address. 

If you are using a Mailbox (under: Admin > Emails > Mailboxes) you do not need to change anything as the mailbox does not use the subdomain in the address.

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