Importing Customers

Here is a 5 minute video on how to import your customers

Here are step by step instructions in case you come into any issues:

You can import customers by clicking Admin > Customers > Customer Import.

You can then download either our Minimal, or Complete CSV files to format your customer list. The Complete CSV will allow you to enter all field information about your customers, while the minimal is just the minimum requirement.

If you use the Complete CSV, you can leave columns blank if they aren't applicable. Just make sure no columns are blank that are required in your settings: Admin > Customers > Customer Preferences.

The complete CSV will have the following headers. If any of these are modified, the CSV will likely not import, or import incorrectly:

At a very minimum, you must have at least 2 of the 4 following fields populated for a successful import:

If you have customers on your CSV without an email and/or phone, please go to Admin > Customer > Customer Preferences and turn these off as required fields before attempting the import. If your account settings require phone or email, and these fields are blank, the import will fail or come in incorrectly.

Custom Fields:

We recently added custom fields to the export and import. The format is:
"field name:value;next field:value"
so; field:value, with semicolons between them. 

The only easy way to populate them is to set all the fields you want on a test customer, export it, and copy that column with edits to the rest of your file. It must be very exact, so take care in this if you want it to work well for you.


If you think your csv file has all the right fields, but your import email from us says it imported 0 customers, try uploading your CSV to this test site and see if the columns are correct.

Also, the CSV format must be in UTF-8 to import correctly. If you get this error in your tests, upload the CSV to Google Drive, and then re-download. This should automatically convert it to UTF-8. 

Generally if you have a low percentage of failures, it's just some bad data in the import file. It the percentage is over 20% the file probably needs to be adjusted to fit our format.

The error summary is grouped by the fields that failed validation, so if it says: "email,phone,mobile invalid:" that means those records failed all of those fields at the same time. That could mean you have those fields marked as required in the settings, but they weren't found in the CSV.

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