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Formstack Integration

Formstack is a great tool for building really powerful web based forms for any purpose.

Our integration handles receiving form results and parsing the data into your leads to reduce double data entry.


In your form setting, there are actions that can happen when the form is submitted. You just need to add an action called a "webhook" that sends the results into your account with us.

Here is an example of what one of those configurations might look like:

The fields will attempt to match up if you just use the right field names.

Here is a list of field names that will map:

Address (street address, eg, 123 any street)
Business Name
Your Name (we split this into first and last automatically)
Mobile (phone number)
Phone (phone number)
Ticket Description (long text)
Ticket Problem Type
Ticket Subject
Zip (postal code)
Location Id (the actual ID)
Hidden Notes (private notes for the lead/ticket)
Appointment Time (Takes a time in a format like this: 2015-12-25 15:00)

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