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Toggl Integration - Time Tracking

We have integrated with the coolest time tracking app out there!

What it does

  • Record time entries in Toggl on their website or mobile app.
  • Import those time entries into RepairShopr tickets.

What it doesn't do

  • This integration only supports one Toggl account per RepairShopr site. Users each having their own Toggl integrations isn't supported.

Table of Contents

Set up
Track time in Toggl
Add time entries to ticket
Archive Toggl entries


Set up

Check out Toggl Track—they have a free level that works great.

  1. Log in to your Toggl account.
  2. In the lower left, click your name > Profile settings.
  3. Scroll down to the API Token section.
  4. Click the - Click to reveal - gray field.
  5. Copy the API token that appears.
  6. Switch to RepairShopr and navigate to Admin > App Center.
  7. Click the Toggl app card.
  8. In the Toggl API Token field, paste the API token you copied.
  9. Click Save.
  10. Navigate to Admin > Tickets - Preferences.
  11. Check the Enable Ticket Time Tracking module box if it isn't already.
  12. Click Save if you changed it.

That's all for configuration!


Track time in Toggl

Now when a Ticket is created in RepairShopr it will create a project in Toggl with the ticket number and customer's name.

Use Timer in the left nav ( or use the Toggl mobile app to add time entries.


Add time entries to ticket

Note: To be able to adjust the labor rate you will need items in your inventory that have "Labor" or "Labour" as their category. You can add the Labor (or Labour) category in Admin > Inventory - Preferences.

  1. In RepairShopr, open the ticket.
  2. In the LABOR LOG section, click Toggl Import.
  3. A confirmation dialog will say, "Time Entries loaded successfully - view the log to see them." Click Close.
  4. Click View Log to see the entries.
  5. If you are ready, click Charge Time by the entries to get them ready to be invoiced.
  6. In the upper right, click the X to close the window and proceed with your ticket and invoicing as normal.


Archive Toggl entries

After you invoice and ticket and resolve it, you may want to archive the project in Toggl.

  1. In the left Toggl nav, click Projects.
  2. To the right of the desired ticket, click the three vertical dots > Archive.

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