Mailboxes - Inbound Email Ticket Creation

How to configure Email in RepairShopr.


Table of Contents:
Setting up a Mailbox
Automatically create tickets
Email Rules
Ticket CC Magic



In the software there is a concept of a "Lead" which is sort of a light-weight inbound contact request. Web forms and inbound emails will generate these. You can flip on a setting to have the system automatically convert these to Tickets if possible - meaning if there was enough information present for a valid ticket to be generated.

By default your account will have an Inbound Alias that is set to: that your customers can email to reach you. You can configure the system to create Leads or Tickets from these emails, and you can reply using this email address as your 'from' address. 

We also recently added a concept of a "Mailbox". This is sort of like the standard email mailbox, it's an email address. This is the way you can setup to pipe into your account. Using Mailboxes you can configure on a per-mailbox basis if you want an autoresponder to be sent, or if it should just make a Lead, or try to convert all the way to a full fledged Ticket.


Ok - So the "best" way to do this is to go to create a "Mailbox" that will have your email on it, then configure the Autoresponder settings there in the mailbox.

Tour - Setting up a Mailbox

First - head to Admin, Mailboxes, and click "New"

Put in your email like "" and give it a name, hit "Create Mailbox"

Next you'll need to "Activate" this mailbox, this is just a simple step that tells us if you have forwarded your email address correctly.

Follow the steps to forward your email address to us, setup your SPF record if you want, and then send us that test email.

Great, now you can make this mailbox the "Primary" if you want all your outbound email to send from this email address. This way replies always come back into the system properly. (do it..)

Ok - Now the really fun part, on the Mailbox Edit Page you'll see some choices:


  1. Automatically create tickets from emails to this mailbox - There are 3 options to choose from:
    - Never: No Tickets will be created from inbound email.
    - Always: The system will create tickets from inbound email (assuming there's enough data to create a customer).
    - Only for Existing Customers: Tickets will only be created if a customer exists in your account already.
  2. Send Lead/Ticket Autoresponder - If a ticket fails to be created, it will still make a Lead. With this ON we will use the new Lead and Ticket Autoresponder templates from the Email Templates page (Admin, Templates, Email)
  3. Set Issue Type - Choose the Issue Type for Tickets created in this Mailbox
  4. Set Ticket Status - Choose a Ticket Status for Tickets created in the Mailbox
  5. Assign Ticket - Choose a tech to assign to the Tickets created in the Mailbox
  6. Advanced -  AutoResponder Overrides - in here you can customize the Autoresponder template on a per-mailbox basis

See Troubleshooting if you are hitting issues.

Alternate Method - Leads (global setting, simple)

First you'll need to enable Leads. (Admin > Leads Preferences). This makes the system process your inbound emails differently to support this feature.

Important Note: This method you will be using your Default "Inbound Email Alias" that Syncro assigns when your account is created.

Which email address should I give to customers?

The inbound email alias email defaults to For details on which email to use or how to use your own email domain see our article here

Please note:
If you change your subdomain your old Inbound Email Alias will no longer receive and process emails to your account. The Default Inbound Alias can be found under: Admin > Tickets > Preferences > Additional Settings > Inbound Email Alias, and you'll need to instead start using the new subdomain in your alias to receive emails at that address.
If you are using a Mailbox you do not need to change anything as the mailbox does not use the subdomain in the address.

Automatically create tickets 

To have incoming emails automatically converted to tickets if the sender of the email matches an existing Customer (or a Contact of the Customer), navigate to Admin > Ticket Preferences and select "Create Tickets from Leads".

This setting affects any inbound email to your email alias that isn't already another type of classifiable message, like a reply to an existing Ticket or Estimate.

Automatically create tickets with Email Rules:

These rules will give you power to assign UNKNOWN inbound email to a customer, or even a contact under a customer. Think of these fields as a 'search' - so you can input partial address/subjects and we'll apply the first rule that matches.

You can create Email Rules by navigating to Admin > Leads Preferences and clicking on "Email Rules".

Example: Subject filter

Maybe you want any emails with the subject containing "medcorp" to attach to your customer called "Medical Corp". Just create a rule with the subject filter having "medcorp" and attach the email rule to that customer and add a dot (period) in the email field.

Example: Email address

Perhaps you get emails from many employees at the same company, and you would like to auto-create a contact for every new email that comes in to the system. Just create a rule with the "Email Address" set to their domain, eg, '', and then any inbound email that contains their domain will attach to the correct customer. You can also check the box "Auto create Contact" and if there isn't a contact, we'll create one for the resulting Ticket.

Auto-Assign ticket to an employee using Email Rules:

If you are auto-creating tickets from your leads, you can even have the rule auto-assign the ticket to one of your employees.

Create Email Rules from Customer Detail
You can create and manage Email Rules at a customer level from the Customer Detail screen. To do this, head to the Customer Detail page for the customer you want to manage. Then, click the Edit button > Custom Fields.
Once there, you can enter your customer domains and Email Rules will be automatically created and attached to your primary mailbox.
There is a new section on the Customer Detail screen called Email Rules. From there, you can manage the differing Email Rules for the customer.

Note: Email address cannot use popular free email services as Mailbox Rules are designed to work with the domain. Using a popular free email service would cause all the emails from that domain to go to a single customer, so they are not available for use.

Email Rules are applied in order from the top down and once an email rule criteria is met, they will stop processing additional email rules.

Forwarding Customer Emails

If you want to forward customer emails into the system, we've added a special bonus for you: just forward it in from an email that is a User Account and the resulting Lead/Ticket will have the customer information attached properly!

It is also possible to send a email in to your Mailbox and attach it to an existing ticket. Add the instructions below to the subject of the email. You can use this from tech tools or other automated systems to automatically attach documents/logs to tickets.

Simply insert: TICKET:1234 

"TICKET" must be capitalized followed by a colon then the ticket number you wish to attach the email to.

Ticket CC Magic
If you have automatic ticket creation turned on and a customer sends you a email with someone CC'd on the email, then the CC'd person will be attached to the ticket as a Additional CC automatically.
It's also possible for a customer/client to copy (CC) someone on a ticket comment response to your ticket and the CC'd person will be attached on the ticket as a Additional CC
If you are unable to activate your Mailbox, be sure to whitelist the forwarding address to prevent the system from blocking it. 
Verify that you have entered the long email string correctly. A common reason the mailbox won't activate is because an email is not getting sent to the correct address.
Q: Leads and/or tickets aren't being created in my account!
A: This commonly happens if the Leads module is disabled on the account. Head to Admin > Leads Preferences > Enable Leads Module and make sure the Leads Module is activated. The Leads module is actually a component of the email system and needs to be active for inbound email routing to work.
Q: Email doesn't seem to be hitting my account like it used to. What could be happening?
A: Definitely make sure the Leads are turned on first in the Leads Preferences. After that, if NO email is coming in across all customers, most often this is because of the inbound traffic not being forwarded (routed) correctly back to the RepairShopr account.
We'd recommend that you head to Admin > Mailboxes > Click in to your Mailbox > Copy the "rsmbox" address and try emailing that from your email address. If a Lead is created from that test email, then that means the RepairShopr system is accepting inbound traffic and the likely culprit is a bad forwarding rule on your email server side that has the forward rule to send in to RS.

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