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Customize Labels

You can customize the layout and appearance of all the various label types with our Label Editor.

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Getting started

To customize your labels, head to More > Admin > PDF/Email Templates.

Next, click Label Templates in the list.

This will take you to a page that lists all of the different types of Labels in the app. Each has their own template you can edit.


Click Customize in a template row to edit it.


Editor navigation

The Label Editor has three tabs with different options in them.


Main tab

In the Main tab you can:

  • Add a text box.

  • Add a divider (there can only be one divider on the label).

  • Add a bar code (there can only be one bar code on a label).


Change the size of the label

You can change the size of the label in the upper right corner of the template when you are on the Main tab in the editor. You can use Inches or Millimeters for the sizing. Changing the size of the label will update the template when you click the green check mark.


Text tab

The Text tab can be manually selected but will automatically select if you click in a text box. This tab allows you to set font size, bold or italics, and the justification for the text within the text box.


Image tab

The image tab will automatically highlight when you add an image to the label. When an image is highlighted (selected), you can change the size of the image.


Add images

To add images to your label, on the left side of the editor click the Upload button. Once the image is uploaded, you can click the green button to add it to the editor or the red button to delete it.


Using the Label Editor

The Editor is meant to allow you to drag elements on the template canvas around. Images and fonts can be resized. We allow a lot of customization within the canvas.

We allow you to add a TON of info. Keep in mind that labels are small and adding too much info can make them hard to read. We really recommend having only the necessary info for the label's purpose, but of course feel free to go bananas with data.

Template Tags

Template Tags can be applied within the Text boxes in the labels to pull data from the account. You can search for and copy relevant tags in the Template Tags section, then paste them in the text box where you want them on the label.

Print labels automatically

Check out AutoPrinter to have your labels automatically print based on triggered events like Ticket creation or Asset creation.

Print labels locally

Here is where to print these labels in RepairShopr. Click the PDF button or the printer button to print these labels.


Customer label


Asset label


Ticket label


Product label

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