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SMS - International availability

Our software offers built-in SMS for the countries below.

Sends from Local Number: This means that SMS messages that come from our system will come from your country's local number format.

Sends from International Number: This means that SMS messages that come from our system will come from a number formatted for the United States, for example: +1(425) 555 4375

Twilio: If your country is not listed below, check out our bring your own Twilio integration.

Flowroute: There is also a Flowroute integration with our application.

Active Countries Sends from Local Number Sends from International Number
American Samoa   Yes
Anguilla   Yes
Antigua and Barbuda   Yes
Australia/Cocos/Christmas Island Yes Yes
Bahamas   Yes
Bahrain   Yes
Barbados   Yes
Belgium   Yes
Bermuda   Yes
Bulgaria   Yes
Canada Yes  
Cayman Islands   Yes
Costa Rica   Yes
Cyprus   Yes
Czech Republic   Yes
Denmark   Yes
Dominica   Yes
Dominican Republic   Yes
Estonia   Yes
Fiji   Yes
Finland/Aland Islands   Yes
Germany   Yes
Ghana   Yes
Great Britain Yes  
Greece   Yes
Grenada   Yes
Guam   Yes
Guatemala Yes Yes
Honduras   Yes
Hong Kong   Yes
India   Yes
Ireland Yes Yes
Italy   Yes
Jamaica   Yes
Kenya   Yes
Malaysia   Yes
Mexico   Yes
Montserrat   Yes
Netherlands   Yes
New Zealand   Yes
Nigeria   Yes
Northern Mariana Islands   Yes
Norway Yes Yes
Panama   Yes
Papua New Guinea   Yes
Philippines   Yes
Puerto Rico   Yes
Romania   Yes
Saudi Arabia   Yes
Singapore   Yes
Slovakia   Yes
Slovenia   Yes
South Africa   Yes
Spain   Yes
St Kitts and Nevis   Yes
St Lucia   Yes
St Vincent Grenadines   Yes
Sweden Yes Yes
Switzerland   Yes
Tonga Islands   Yes
Trinidad and Tobago   Yes
Turks and Caicos Islands   Yes
Uganda   Yes
Ukraine   Yes
United Arab Emirates   Yes
United Kingdom   Yes
United States Yes  
Uruguay   Yes
Vatican City   Yes
Venezuela   Yes
Virgin Islands, British   Yes
Virgin Islands, U.S.   Yes
Zambia   Yes
Zimbabwe   Yes

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