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RepairShopr Lite Mobile App iOS/Android


The ReparShopr Lite app is a stripped-down version of the full web app. It allows your techs to take the app with them so they can log time at a customer, update tickets and take payments using Square.

What it Does

Our iOS and Android app allows you to take RepairShopr with you for work in the field.

What it Doesn't do

It's not meant to run your business like the web app is. The app does not support the following:

  • Inventory module
  • Payments module
  • Registers when taking payments
  • Reports

It's also not the POS Second Screen app for iPads.

Table of Contents


Installing the app

You can find the RepairShopr Lite app by searching for it in either the Apple App Store or Google Play store. Once you find the app, just download and install it, then open it.


Log In

Once you launch the App, log in using the same username and password you use for the web app.

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Main Menu

Tap the More hamburger menu in the lower right to access the menu from any page. This will give you links to

  • Customers
  • Invoices
  • Tickets
  • Assets
  • Appointments
  • Estimates
  • Documentation
  • Settings

Tap Close to return to the current screen.

Tap Edit to then use the hamburger icons on the right to drag and drop the menu items to the order you like. Tap Done when finished.

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Search all by name or barcode

On the upper right of most screens, there is a magnifying glass icon.

Tap it and you can then search for anything in the system by typing a name or number (such as for an invoice or ticket).

Or tap the camera/barcode icon to scan a barcode printed from RepairShopr, such as an invoice ticket label. You will need to give access to your device's camera.

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  • To find a customer, scroll through the list or search by name in the Filter field.
  • To create a new customer, in the upper right tap the + (Android) or person icon with a + (iOS).
  • Tap a person's name to open their profile.

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Here you can find all invoices made on your site.

  • You can either scroll down to view your invoices or search by name in the Filter field.
  • Tap the bars to the right of the Filter field to filter by paid or unpaid invoices.

Once you tap an invoice to view it, you can do a few things. Scroll down for the last two things.

  • OPEN - View in the web app.
  • EDIT INVOICE - Edit items on the invoice, or DELETE the invoice.
  • ADD LINE ITEM - Add more items to the invoice by either scanning a barcode label or MANUAL ADD to type in a product.
  • TAKE PAYMENT - Select from your various payment methods. If you have configured Square payments, that is one option. If you use Worldpay and have a credit card swiper, you can use the Credit Card option (other payment gateways are not supported).

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The Ticket module also allows you to see all tickets in your account.

  • Tap Filter Only Mine to view only tickets assigned to you.
  • To create a new ticket, in the upper right tap the Checkbox icon.
  • Tap the funnel icon to use a saved search.
  • Tap a ticket to expand and reveal the DETAILS button.

Tap DETAILS to edit ticket details and perform various tasks.

The ticket module also allows you to start timers for any of your customers. Once you tap the START button the app will prompt you what type of timer would you like to record. Currently, there are two options: "Check-In" and "Custom Log Entry".

Check In/Check Out

When your tech Arrives on Site he can select the "Check-In" option of the timer to record when he arrived on site. Once this has been selected the timer will start when he has finished the work he can hit the "Check-out" button to record the time. The app will then notify you the timer has been saved.

This allows the tech to log labor on a ticket from the mobile app.

If you want any non-global admins to be able to use this feature, you will need to make sure that the Security Group they belong to has a setting enabled.

  1. In RepairShopr, go to Admin > Security Groups.
  2. To the right of a security group to which they belong, click Edit.
  3. Check the "Ticket Timers - Overview" box.
  4. Click Update Group.
  5. Repeat as needed for any other groups.

Now in the mobile app, click tickets

Select the ticket you want to add labor to > select Details.

Click start > Check In

Once the work is completed, or to stop work, select Check Out

Select Close

You can add attachments by tapping the Attachments button. There is a limit of 10 attachments when using the mobile app, but not on the web.

When you go to the desktop application notice under Labor Log the labor has been added to the ticket.

When your tech Arrives on Site he can select the "Check-In" option of the timer to record when he arrived on site. Once this has been selected the timer will start when he has finished the work he can hit the "Check-out" button to record the time. The app will then notify you the timer has been saved.

Please note: The timer on the IOS/Android app is an offline version and will only sync the timer once the tech stops the timer, so you would not be able to view live active timers for the Android and IOS apps. That function is only available on the web app.

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The Appointments module allows you to see you're personal appointments or see all appointments by selecting the "All Appointments" swipe menu below the search bar. 

  • You can also search for any appointments by using the search function

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Setting up Payments with Square

We integrate with Square Register and wireless Square readers so you don't have to double enter payments! You can do this in both our iOS and Android Apps.

Watch the video below to see a step-by-step guide on how to use the Square + iOS/Android app integration.

Important Note: The global admin must authorize square on each user's mobile RepairShopr Lite. i.e. The owner of the Square account must follow these steps for each mobile device that will be used to process payments.


  1. On the RepairShopr web application, in the Admin > Payment Methods, enter a payment method of "Square" with a type of "Other".
  2. In the mobile app, go to More > Settings > Payments.
  3. Enable the Use Square's in-app Checkout Flow switch.
  4. Tap Authorize With Square.
  5. Be sure to use the same account that the device has logged in currently to Square Register.
  6. Return to the RepairShopr Lite mobile app.
  7. In the upper left, tap the left arrow to exit Payments.
  8. Tap Payments to go back in.
  9. To the right of Payment Method For Square, tap the pencil in the box icon.
  10. Select Square and tap THIS METHOD USES SQUARE REGISTER.
  11. It will say "Payment method for square is now updated." Tap CLOSE.
  12. To the right of Location For Square, tap the pencil in the box icon.
  13. Select a location from those defined in your Square account and tap SELECT LOCATION.
  14. It will say "Location for square is saved." Tap CLOSE.
  15.   from the web app to use for Square register.

You can now take payments solely in the RepairShopr Lite mobile app! Now when you make a payment for an invoice you'll be able to select Square and it will use your Square app to charge the card.

Enable wireless Square readers

If you want to enable your wireless Square readers, head back to More > Settings > Payments and tap Configure Square Reader.

Tap Connect a Reader and follow the instructions to get it set up. You should see something like this:

Once you have connected the wireless card reader, you can go ahead and take a payment!

If you are using a headphone jack reader, you can also configure it here as well.

Note: You will need to have Bluetooth enabled to use the wireless card reader.

If you run into any errors, we have found that reinstalling the RepairShopr Lite mobile app has helped. If this does not work for you, please reach out to so we can better assist you!

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Here you will see all estimates that were assigned to you.

  • You can also view all Estimates by selecting the "All Estimates" button.
  • Search using Barcode Scan option, this will populate the search bar with the label number.

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Assets are the devices that you support and/or repair for your customers.

  • You can track specific information about these devices, and track an ongoing work history.
  • The Filter option (Three lines on the right) allows you to filer assets by asset type.

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Here, you can store free-form text like help documents, customer information, user guides, and more.

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The Settings page is where you can find all the settings for the app.



Allows you to clear all the temporary files or cache the app has stored

Tickets Settings

Has two on/off functions that can be selected.

  • Email the customer on Check-In / Check Out
  • Use Timestamp format on all ticket comments

Appointment Settings

Here you can select to have alert notifications come up under the app

Download Customers

It allows you to download all your RepairShopr customers to your device so if you're without reception you will still be able to contact your customer.


It allows you to see what locale your account is set up as. The locale cannot be changed in the app and has to be changed in the Web app under Admin > General Settings > Locale

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