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Supported Browsers

RepairShopr officially supports one browser: Google Chrome.

Having said that, 99% of the app works just fine in other browsers, such as Firefox, Edge, and Safari.

For those rare instances when something doesn't work as expected and you are using a non-Chrome browser, first try the same thing in Chrome. If it works as it should, then please switch to using Chrome. If it doesn't, please contact Support. Let them know you already tried it in Chrome and it didn't work there either.


  • While using RepairShopr with Firefox, you may encounter the error: QuotaExceededError: The quota has been exceeded. Here’s how to fix it:
    • In a new tab, navigate to about:config using the URL bar.
    • A warning notifying you of the advanced configuration settings you are accessing will appear. Accept the warning and continue.
    • Search for and increase its value. By default, this value is 5120, and we’ve tested it to work with 51200 instead.
    • Restart Firefox and the error should clear.

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