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POS Settings

To access the POS Settings, navigate to Admin > POS - Preferences.

Enable POS Module: Allows you and your team to use the POS Module. For more information on the POS module, refer to this article.


Click Additional Settings to see the below settings.

Don't require the register to close daily: Allows you to use the register for multiple days without forcing a close. If you enable this, be sure to manually close the register periodically so that your reports will still make sense.

Default POS TAB: You can specify which section of your POS screen shows up by default. The full list of items is the default, but you can also specify the manual/scan forms or the categories view (if enabled).

POS Timeout in minutes: If set, this is how long the POS page may sit idle before a logout is forced and the lock screen is displayed. Keep in mind that having the POS open in a different tab will still trigger the timeout.

Make sure to click Save after updating any settings.

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