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MSP Add-On

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Single User Accounts
Already using an RMM Integration
How to enable MSP Add-On
Disabling the MSP Add-On


The MSP Add-On is a suite of MSP specific integrations and features built to help you better reap the rewards of selling managed services. We've made these available from our sister platform, Syncro, to bring our MSP users additional power. The MSP Add-On includes the following. Click any to learn more about them.

Ninja RMM
Solarwinds RMM (formerly MaxFocus)
Solarwinds N-Central
IT Glue
Automated Remediation
ACH Billing

Each of these integrations and features were chosen based on the positive impact we believe they will have on your business. RepairShopr was originally built as a platform to support brick-and-mortar repair shops. As we’ve grown, our user’s businesses have also grown, and we’ve striven to develop tools and integrations that meet the needs of our growing MSP customers. It is our hope that this Add-On provides you with more automation and time-savings, along with higher revenues and margins that come with an MSP business model.

The MSP Add-On costs $29 per user per month, or $329 per user on the account for annual plans.

We also plan to add new integrations and features to the MSP Add-On over time, to further provide value to our MSP users.

Single User Accounts

Accounts with 1 User will receive the MSP Add-On for free as long as they remain a single User account. Our culture has always been about helping small businesses grow and compete with bigger businesses. It's in this spirit that we want to open the door to making MSP tier tools more accessible to Single User accounts.

What if I was already using Ninja or Solarwinds RMM (formerly MaxFocus)?

If your RepairShopr account was previously integrated with Ninja or Solarwinds RMM (formerly MaxFocus), you will continue to have access to the RMM Integrations at no cost. If you want to take advantage of the other parts of the MSP Add-On, you will need to pay for the Add-On at $29 per User.

Please Note: If you are on a legacy plan that opted to enable the MSP Add-On, reach out to support for further assistance at

Note that activating a legacy plan will clear the RMM configuration and you will need to set it up once again.

Turning on the MSP Add-On

Head to Admin > App Center > Click the MSP Add-On App Card.

Once in the App Card, review the information and scroll to the bottom. There will be a button to enable the feature. Remember, the MSP Add-On costs $29 per user per month, or $329 per user on the account for annual plans.

Disabling the MSP Add-On

To disable the MSP Add-On head to the App Center and click on the App Card. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click the Disable button and confirm the change after reading the pop-up.


IMPORTANT NOTE: When you disable the MSP Add-On all of the integration configuration is disbaled and reset. If you chose to reactivate the Add-On, you would need to reconfigure the integrations.

A Note About MSP Add-On Billing:

Enabling the Add-On applies to all users on your account (in all locations if you have multiple locations). You cannot enable it on an individual user-level.

If you are on an annual RepairShopr subscription, the MSP Add-On will also be billed annually for all users on your account, pro-rata for the remainder of your billing year.

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