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Employee Reports

This is a breakdown of what data the Employees Reports section contains. Access via More > Admin > Reports > Employees section.

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Credential Access

You can store documentation credentials and customer credentials. This report allows Admins to view who has accessed the credential details and when.

  1. Head to More > Admin > Reports > Employees - Credential Access.
  2. If desired, enter a Customer name to display results only for that customer.
  3. You can turn on Include contacts and Include documentation to include those pages in the search.
  4. Change the time Period if you want.
  5. Once you have set your desired parameters, click Run Report.


This report allows you to specify a date range, and view a breakdown of all labor performed by each employee within that range. You will also be able to link directly to the invoice, ticket, and product.


This report allows you to select which employees you need to see and a date range. After specifying those, you can generate the report.

From here you'll be able to see each employee and a breakdown of their performance within that date range.

Here is the filter section of the report:

Sales And Commission

This is the older of the two reports with the same name. Consider using Sales And Commission* instead.

This report allows you to select a date range to pull a report of everything each of your employees as sold within that date range. You can also filter the outcome based on what you want to see.

You will also see a summary of all sales under the date range selector.

Sales And Commission*

When a technician creates an invoice or converts a ticket into an invoice, any existing line items or newly added line items will be logged under their user record.

In this example, this ticket is converted into an invoice. The ticket owner will be credited with all line items pulled over from the ticket to the new invoice.

If you do not have a ticket, whoever makes the invoice will be credited by default. This happens on the line item level, so if there is a product that was sold by a different technician who should receive credit, you can change the owner of this line item on the invoice itself:

When you want to review all employee sales, you can head over to Admin > Reports > Employees > Employee Sales and Commission. You'll find some sorting options, including which employee(s) you want to look at, what time period, and what commission rate you want to apply to their sales (if applicable).

After you specify the employee(s) you want to view, along with the commission rate (optional), you can see a breakdown of all their sales for the time frame you selected.

Ticket Status By Technician

In this report, you can specify a date range, and pull in snapshots of each of your employees, and how many tickets they have, broken down by status.

Ticket Time By Technician

This takes you to the Tech Hours Report, where you can see all of the ticket timer entries, both those that have been billed and those that have not.

  1. Change the time Period if needed.
  2. You can view timer entries for only certain Users.
  3. Turn on Show recorded only to include just timer entries that have been billed.
  4. You can turn on Include timers without an attached ticket for any tickets that got deleted that had timers. When a ticket gets deleted, any attached timers do not get deleted—they get orphaned instead, and this setting allows you to see those timers.
  5. Once you have made your selections, click Run Report.
  6. Click a ticket number to view the ticket.
  7. For those entries that have not been billed, click Charge Time next to them to add them to the charges on the attached ticket that you can then make an invoice for.
  8. Export the generated report to CSV.
  9. Schedule the report to automatically run on a regular basis.

Time Clock

This report allows you to select a date range and pull a report that shows each time clock entry on each employee within the specified date range. There is a print view available if you have your employees sign their entrees.

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