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Verified Email Domains


Verified Email Domains provides an easy way to add DMARC/DKIM records to your DNS to ensure those checks pass. This means that your emails to your customers will end up in spam less often.

Table of Contents
Configuration Steps
Q & A

Configuration Steps

Start by heading to the Admin page and scrolling down to the Email section, and clicking Verified Domains.

Next you will land on an index page that will eventually display any verified Domains you have configured. For now, click New Verified Email Domain in the upper right.

You will now be prompted to enter a domain you want to verify.

Once you press the Create button we will begin creating DNS record values. This is usually pretty quick, but can take up to a minute or two.

Once the records are created you will see some values in four columns. Now, you may notice that the records say Not Verified but don’t worry, that’s the next step.

When adding the Host to your DNS setup, you may only need the suffix (the left part from the domain in the Host) rather than the entire string. This can differ from provider to provider, so just a head’s up.

When you are ready to verify the Domains, click the Verify DNS Records in the upper right of the page.

After you click the Verify DNS Records button, Repairshopr will begin processing the DNS validation request. This can take up to a few minutes to update.

Once the records verify, you will see green check marks in the Verified column.

Now when you head to the Verified Domains page from Admin, you will see a Domain listed and verified.

You’re all set! Your outgoing mailboxes in Repairshopr associated with the Verified Domain you have configured will now pass DKIM and DMARC checks.

Q & A

Q: How does this affect using SMTP?

A: Said shortly, this feature changes nothing for SMTP. Saying a bit more, this feature modifies how our built-in system sends email through SendGrid using a verified domain you control which will then allow DMARC to pass.

This has the additional effect of removing a snippet seen in the From address that says “Sent by Repairshopr” or “on behalf of” and only shows the intended outbound address.

Q: Will this work with SMTP active?

A: Yes, the Verified Domains can be configured while SMTP is active. You may then cut over if needed. It’s worth noting that if you want the maximum control over your email process, SMTP is still the best solution for you.

Q: Verified Email Domains or SMTP?

A: We still recommend the SMTP feature for the highest level of control over email deliverability, since it is 100% in your control. Verified Email Domains is an available option if you prefer to use the built-in email system.

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