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Can I scan a ticket barcode to make the invoice line items show up in the POS?

Yes! If a customer has one open invoice, you can scan the large ticket barcode (or type in the customer's phone number) into that POS field, and it will populate the invoice line items so that you can check them out via the POS. Here are the details:

1) The customer can't have more than one open (i.e. unpaid) invoice or it won't work

2) Scanning only the large ticket barcode will work - which is default set to the customer phone number

3) You can also enter the main customer phone number (on the invoice or customer record) and that will work too

4) If there is more than one unpaid invoice, the system will send you to the customer detail screen rather than loading the charges in the POS

Invoice looks like this:

When it's time for the customer to pay, go to the POS tab and scan the large barcode on the ticket (or manually enter customer phone number) here:


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