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Stripe Integration

Setting up Stripe so you can process credit cards is easy!
*Stripe terminals or Stripe credit card readers are currently not supported*

  1. First, set up your account with Stripe.
  2. Once you have an account, configure it the way you want and connect your bank account so you can get paid directly from Stripe.
  3. In the upper right, click Developers.
  4. In the left hand menu, click API keys.
  5. To the right of the Publishable key, under the TOKEN column, click the long string to copy it.
  6. In a separate browser tab in RepairShopr, navigate to Admin > App Center and click the Stripe app card.
  7. Check the Process with Stripe box.
  8. In the Stripe - Live Publishable Key field, paste the string you copied.
  9. Switch back to your Stripe dashboard.
  10. To the right of the Secret key, click Reveal test key.
  11. Click the string that appears to copy it.
  12. Back in RepairShopr, in the Stripe - Live Secret Key field, paste the string you copied.
  13. If you are in a country other than the USA, click the Stripe - Currency dropdown to select your desired currency.
  14. European users should check the Enable Strong Customer Authentication box to comply with SCA regulations implemented by Stripe.
  15. Click Save.

Now you should then be all set and ready to take/receive payments with Stripe!

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