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  1. Admin and Settings 

    1. What emails does RepairShopr send out and when?
    2. PDF/Email Templates
    3. How do I make the Ticket system use my own email from address?
    4. Custom domains
    5. How can I enter or change my business information?
  2. Accounts 

    1. Big Chain Hub (Big Chain vs Multiple Accounts, Logistics, Downgrading Big Chain to Single Location )
  3. Assets 

    1. Assets
  4. Billing 

    1. Third Party Billing
  5. Calendar & Appointments  

    1. Calendar and Appointments Module
    2. Disable adding Google Meet video link to appointments
  6. Credit Cards 

    1. Credit Card Payment processing overview (Start Here)
    2. Credit Cards: How do I use a credit card swiper?
    3. Store Customer Credit Cards
    4. How do I set up Stripe to work with RepairShopr?
    5. EMV / Chip and Pin - Myths from Fact
  7. Customers 

    1. Customers
    2. SMS/MMS - Details, Instructions, Templates, Communication
    3. Contract Management
    4. Warranty Templates
  8. Email Templates 

    1. Include custom message in Estimate and Invoice email templates.
  9. Hardware 

    1. How can I open the cash drawer / till from RepairShopr?
    2. Topaz Signature Pads
  10. Integrations 

    1. Need help finding integrations in the App Center?
    2. Slack Integration
    3. Solarwinds (N Able) N-Central Integration
    4. Integrating with Square
    5. WooCommerce Integration
  11. Inventory 

    1. Inventory Hub
  12. Invoices 

    1. Invoices
    2. Refunds
    3. Recurring Invoices
    4. How do I use Prepay Hours (Block Hours)?
    5. How do I send automated reminders for open Invoices based on aging?
  13. Leads 

    1. Leads walkthrough
    2. Unmark Leads as spam
    3. If a customer sends us an email, will the body of that email show up as a ticket comment?
    4. Leads Preferences (Settings)
  14. Marketing 

    1. Marketr
    2. How can I use RepairShopr for marketing my business?
    3. Can I send emails to all my customers?
    4. Advanced Marketr Topic - Notify on warranty creation and expiration
  15. Mobile Apps 

    1. Mobile RepairShopr Lite App iOS/Android
  16. Parts 

    1. Parts vs Inventory - The difference
  17. POS 

    1. POS (Point of Sale) System
    2. Supported Hardware
    3. Z-Report - End of Day Report - Cash Register Closing Report
    4. Can I scan a ticket barcode to make the invoice line items show up in the POS?
  18. Printing 

    1. Printing Hub (AutoPrintr, Google Cloud Print, Printers)
    2. Labels - Customers, Assets, Tickets, Products
    3. Star TSP100 Printer Setup
  19. Quickbooks 

    1. Setting up your QuickBooks Integration (Start Here)
    2. QuickBooks Online Setup and Help
    3. QuickBooks Desktop Setup and Help
    4. Glossary of QuickBooks API Errors
    5. QuickBooks Stale Object Error
  20. RepairShopr University 

    1. Free Training Session
    2. Free Live Deep Dive Q&A Session
    3. Setting up Your Account
  21. Reports 

    1. Reporting Hub
    2. Spiff Tracking (commissions to your employees)
  22. Tickets 

    1. Tickets
    2. Mailboxes - Inbound Email Ticket Creation
  23. All articles 

    1. Credit Card Payment processing overview (Start Here)
    2. POS (Point of Sale) System
    3. Leads walkthrough
    4. Parts vs Inventory - The difference
    5. Setting up your QuickBooks Integration (Start Here)
    178 articles 

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