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Reports - Differences in totals

You may notice when you use the different reports like daily sales, tax reports, and sales summary, you get different totals. Here is a little background on what makes those reports.


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Tax Report

When it's time to pay your tax agency, we think most people want the "Tax Report." It gets all the paid invoices where the money was received in that month.

Invoices where Date Paid is inside X month, showing subtotals and tax.

This means if you take partial payments, they won't show in this figure. You can't really pay your tax agency for partial sales tax, because an invoice could be partially taxable, and you lose pennies when you split tax amounts into parts. To pay tax, you probably want "Cash Basis" - "Paid Invoices".


Payments By Day

Maybe you want to know exactly how much money you received for a day, to help you tie to deposits in the bank. This report is great for that—it's driven from the Payment based on the Payment Date. This report doesn't care about the Invoice at all. In fact, you can go to a customer and just start taking payments and they will show here, without ever having a single Invoice created.

Successful Payments grouped by Day, showing the payment amount.


Invoices By Day

Similar to Daily Payments, but driven from the Invoice date field. This report will show invoiced money, regardless of if it's paid or not.

Invoices grouped by Invoice Date.


Daily Sales (Old)

This report shows invoices in that date range.

Invoices (paid or unpaid) by Invoice Date, in that date range.


Sales By Product

This lets you see the sales of your inventory items. It does not include parts. Invoices can be paid or unpaid.

Inventory line items in the date range, with math and grouping on the associated products.


Sales Detail*

This has all the line items for the invoices you created in a date range. It lets you see what products and services you are selling in a table format.

Line Items for paid invoices using the date the invoice was marked as paid.


Profit And Loss Summary

Since we aren't an accounting system, we are calling the Profit and Loss "Sales Summary" going forward. It uses a date range and shows paid Invoices again, but gives you the total, cost, tax, and net (subtotal-cost). Since the Tax Report uses subtotal instead of total, so you don't pay tax on the tax, these figures will be off by that much.

Invoices where Date Paid is inside X month, showing total, cost, tax, and net (subtotal-cost).


Sales And Commission

This is based on the tech assignment on line items on invoices. It is not based on which tech the associated ticket is assigned to.

Line items for invoices in the date range where there is a tech attached. (Ignores line items with no tech assignment)



If you want to see how these figures are built, just go to the Reports and under Invoices, click Invoice Export. Then sort by Date Received (paid date) and you can grab a chunk for a date range and do your own sum on the columns as you like.

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