Slack Integration

Slack is the cool new team chat app. Check them out at

Go get a free account and your whole team can have a proper chat app with rooms, permissions, integrations, a mobile app that doesn't suck, and oh yeah - it integrates with your RepairShopr account.

1. Head to the App Center and you'll see the new Slack app

2. Click the link to add an incoming webhook integration into your Slack account

3. Copy the post URL link they provide into your RepairShopr Slack settings page

4. Go to Admin -> Notification Center and create a new rule, select anything you want to show up in your slack chatroom

5. Optionally, you can setup notifications in Slack for a specific room too - so these could give you push notifications and desktop notifications for some actions

Looking for the Slack Bot integration?

First - go add a "slash command" here

Set it up like this: 


Token: They generate it, copy it into your RepairShopr Account

It should get put here in RepairShopr:

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