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IP Allow List

You can specify which IP addresses are allowed to access the site. This applies to all users and API calls.

  1. Navigate to Admin > IP Allow List

  2. In the Allowed IP Address List field, add all the public IP addresses of users and API keys that will access Repairshopr (not their names) to allow them access to the site. (IPv4, IPv6 with or without CIDR notation are supported)

  3. Enable the feature

  4. Click Save


If a user attempts to access RepairShopr after this feature is enabled and their IP address is not on the IP allow list, they will not be able to access any aspect of RepairShopr. Users will be presented with this screen:

When this happens, all global admins within the organization will receive an email notifying them of this attempt. This email will also contain a button that, when pressed, adds the IP address that was blocked onto the allow list.


Q: What happens if I accidentally forgot to add the IP addresses of all global admins?

A: Although global admins would be temporarily logged out, once they try to log in, all global admins will still receive the email that an IP address has been unable to log in. When they press the approve button, they will be taken to RepairShopr. Once they log in, their IP address will be added. This process will prevent admins from locking themselves out.

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