Glossary of QuickBooks API Errors

These are some of the errors that the Intuit API will give us.

Note - before you look into anything like a connection error, or general error, you can see if Intuit is just *down* here:

GeneralUnexpected Internal Error. (-30000)An error in the QuickBooks API. Try recreating the document in QuickBooks Web UI and let us know if you can identify the blocking issue.
CustomerAnother $$customer$$ is already using thisYes, Quickbooks requires unique names.
Customersdk NAME must be unique in QB! name =Yes, Quickbooks requires unique names.
Invoice Actual Quickbooks Error: There was an error when converting the quantity "1.0" in the field "item quantity". QuickBooks error message: You cannot set the quantity for items of this type.Our QuickBooks integration does not support use of "Discount" type items in inventory due to Intuit's irregular treatment of these items in their integration.

To resolve, you'll need to create a new discount item in Quickbooks, but not assign it the 'Discount Item' category type. Then you will need to resend this to the system (using the 'Resync Quickbooks products and services' button on the Quickbooks settings page) and assign the new item to your discount items in the Inventory tab.
InvoiceYou must fill out at least one split line.We think this means you are using Quickbooks that is NON-USA and not supported by the API that we tried.
InvoiceYou must specify a different number. This number has already been used.The invoice number collided with Quickbooks, they require unique numbers.
Invoicep_validate_txn - unable to find MBL customer REF id = 849630 idThey weren't able to find the customer by the ID we sent, it's not currently clear why this only happens intermittently.
InvoiceBusiness Validation Error: We're sorry, QuickBooks encountered an error while calculating tax. Try reselecting the tax rate or reentering the product/service item and saving the form again.This error can occur for users with a Global Tax Model (not USA) when a Tax Rate is used for an Invoice that does not have a SalesTaxRate. Generally this happens for tax rates defining a PurchaseTaxRate and not both, eg "GST on non-capital"
PaymentError validating Customer ID:Required field not specified.We're still exploring why this would happen, Quickbooks says we are not sending the customer.
Paymentp_validate_txn - Credit Memo, Charge, Estimate, Invoice, Payment, Sales Order must have a customer reference definedSame as above, they cannot find the customer for some reason.
PaymentOne of the list elements assigned to this transaction has been deleted. Before you can modify this transaction, you must restore Check (deleted).This probably means a payment method was deleted in QB that we are using. You should not be deleting things in Quickbooks.

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