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RepairShopr API - Leads

What fun you can have with this!

Here is some example php code, you can place this on your website - style it the way you like, include it somewhere, or even post to it from your own form.

To get your API key, see our article on our API.

What can this do?

Many things!
Maybe you want to ask your customers only one question, and create a lead with that.
 You can easily remove all but one field, and put this on your site - now you have a custom lead form!

Maybe you want to ask your customers 20 questions about their computer?
Easily take all the answers and combine them into the ticket problem body - so you can capture all that info into your lead!

What do I do with this?

Great question!

This is an example script that will take form variables, and send them off to our Leads API.

It needs you to update your subdomain, and an API key (be careful, you do NOT want to let the API key get out to the public).

Once you have that info changed, place this on your web server somewhere.

You can use this file as the form page, or put the html part of this in your existing site somewhere. The submission of that form should point to this file, and the file will process the variables and send them off to our leads API, which should create a lead.

As-is it currently works, if you modify it - test frequently as you go :)

We do not support this in any way, it just works - please contact a php developer if you need anything. Hope it works out for you!

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