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Admin Page - Charts and Stats

The stats on the Admin home page help you track your business' progress over time.  This can help you recognize whether your business is growing or not.  The Admin Stats page also displays Account Usage, Employee Stats, Total Sales, and Outstanding Invoices.

Here we will explain what each means:

MTD = Month-To-Date

  • Last Month
    This item shows how much money was made last month.  You can compare to to last month to track growth.
  • Open Tickets
    Shows the number of tickets open in your business.  Not letting this number get too high is great way to exercise great customer service.
  • MTD
    This displays the amount of income your business has made this month.  Give yourself a pat on the back!
  • Last Month Net
    This item shows the net income of your business in the previous month.  This number can be different from the Last Month field because the software subtracts your company's costs from its income to give you the net profit.

    NOTE: If you want to troubleshoot this figure, go to Reports, Invoice Dump - and look for invoices with large figures in the COST column.
  • Last Month Tickets
    Shows the total number of tickets opened in the last month.
  • This Date Last Month
    This number helps you compare your progress in the current month compared to the previous month.  If you are one week into the current month, it will display your progress one week into the previous month.
  • Tickets Resolved Last Month
    Shows how many tickets you closed in the previous month.  Also helpful in tracking company growth.
  • Invoices Last Month
    This item shows how many invoices were created in the previous month.  Invoices are your work orders, and increasing your invoices increases your revenue!
  • Invoices MTD
    Shows how many invoices were created in the current month.
  • Invoiced Today
    This displays the number of invoices created today.
  • Invoiced Last 7 Days
    This item shows how many invoices have been created within the past week.
  • Tickets Today
    This number displays how many tickets were created today.
  • Emails Sent MTD
    The total number of emails sent in the current month is displayed here.  
  • Last Month Emails Sent
    Shows total number of emails sent in the previous month.  
  • Tickets Resolved MTD
    This number indicates how many tickets you have closed this month.  

Account Usage

These Graphs show your MTD usage and what's remaining.
  • SMS Remaining %
    This graph indicates how many SMS text messages you've sent as a percentage of your monthly total. 
  • Users Remaining %
    This graph indicates the maximum amount of users (Admins and Techs) you can add to your account.  

Ticket Stats

This window gives you a more in-depth look at your tickets.
  • Job Type Popularity
    This graph indicates what type of work ticket is created most in your business.  These statistics can help you decide which areas of work are most popular among your customers, and can help you cater to their needs.
  • Referral Source
    This graph indicates how your customers are reaching your business.  When you have identified the most effective ways to draw business, you can develop these strategies even further.
  • Ticket Count Per Day
    This graph shows on which days the most tickets are created.  This can help you plan staffing around the busiest times of your workweek.
  • Ticket Count Per Hour
    This graph indicates how often tickets are made with hours as the time variable.

Employee Stats

These Stats help you manage your employees and their progress.  Keeping employees consistently active keeps customers happy.
  • Tickets Created
    Shows the number of tickets created by an employee.
  • Invoices Created
    Shows the number of invoices created by an employee.
  • Total Comment Count
    Shows the number of comments made by an employee.

Recent Monthly Subtotals

These Stats indicate your monthly subtotals for sales, taxes, and income.  

Unpaid Invoices > 30 Days Old

This window displays your work invoices that have not been paid in over a month so you can follow up on aged receivables.

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