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Ticket Reports

This is a breakdown of what data the Tickets Reports section contains. Access via More > Admin > Reports > Tickets section.



Similar to the Tickets Resolved, report, you can select a date range, and then see two different charts showing how many tickets were created per month:

And the grid view:

You are also able to export this to a CSV as needed.


Deleted Tickets

Lists all recently deleted tickets. Click Restore by a ticket to restore it back to the Tickets page.

Like it says on the screen, any ticket charges or appointments will not be brought back with the ticket.


Pending Ticket Charges

This report will allow you to see all Tickets with charges on them that have not yet been invoiced. You can click directly to the Ticket itself from the report.


Recurring Tickets

This report will give you a snapshot of all your currently running recurring Tickets. You can link directly to the ticket to get more information.

You aren't able to create new recurring tickets from this report, that will need to be done on the ticket level.


Resolved Tickets

This report will give you two views on how many tickets were solved in your account month by month. First, you'll need to select your desired time range. After doing so, you'll be able to see a chart in which you can hover your cursor over to show the different stats.

As well as a grid:

You can export this to CSV as needed.


Ticket Communications Report

This report will allow you to view all outgoing communication (public notes, private notes, and email) posted to a ticket in a specified date range. You can filter the results by customer, comment subject, employees, and choose whether you want to view comments created in the date range or view the resolved tickets.

Note that this report can look at a maximum of 60 days worth of ticket comments, and will not show incoming communication from your customers. If you need to export all the ticket comments, including communication from your customers, please contact support.


Resolution Time Summary

This report will let you select a date range and then will give you two views on how many total hours it took you to resolve tickets throughout that time range. You can export this to a CSV as needed.

Here is the grid view as well:


Reworked Tickets

This report will give you a list of all of your Reworked Tickets, including the reworked ticket number, the original ticket number, the number of charges, and the labor.

You're able to search for rework tickets by period and user:


Ticket Export

This report will simply allow you to export ALL tickets to a CSV. Once you click on this report the CSV will download automatically.

Note: This export does not include the ticket notes. See Ticket Communications Report for that.


Ticket Time Entry

Shows you the total time spent on tickets by your employees for the selected time Period. You can export this to CSV.


Tickets Without Charges

With this report you will be able to select a date range, and pull in all tickets in that range with no charges on them:

You are also able to export this to a CSV as needed.

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