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Third Party Vendor Integration for Electronic Ordering

Third Party Ordering Integration

Flow Overview

You (a parts supplier/ecommerce site owner) fill out the form at the bottom of this page and we'll get you a test payload. Once you have your system able to process our JSON order payload, we'll turn you on and then our users will be able to click a single button from their "Purchase Order" screen to electronically send you the order. Your API will return a success/fail, an optional message, and setup the order on your side. Done!

Not a Supplier, but want your supplier integrated?

Send them a link to this page so they can fill out the google form below!


We have a full featured REST API that our users can very easily access - and we've also got a few undocumented endpoints that can enable even more functionality. An example of that is an "external_create" endpoint for Purchase Orders when third party supplies could hook in if they want to send orders from their system into ours. Another is the green "Electronically Process" button that users LOVE in our PO system.

You can reference our open API doc here at any time.

If you don't have a free account to use for testing, you can signup for one of those on our website. Anyone doing development with the API will probably want an account to test against.

Once you've got an account, and have skimmed the above API doc - fill out the google form to get into our system and you should dev to our sample JSON payload.

Hook into the "Electronically Process with Vendor" button

This is pretty simple, we'll enable a green button in the software UI that allows them to electronically send a webhook+JSON representation of the Purchase Order to your endpoint.
  • Endpoint must be the same for all RS Customers
  • You must be able to auth based on the payload, it will include things like the account_id, purchase_order_id, and user_id (that sent it)
  • It will include PO #, and the items they are requesting with the related SKU if available
  • Fill out this form to get yourself into our system:

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