Ticket Worksheets (multiple checklists)

You can easily and automatically add multiple worksheets/checklists to your tickets! 

Templates (setting them up)

The worksheets have a "Template" that is how you define the fields, what Ticket Custom Fields automatically get the worksheet, etc. They also sit on the Ticket Detail page - and that is where you will mostly interact with them.

To get started, navigate to: Admin > Tickets > Ticket Worksheets. Once there you can create a new Ticket Worksheet by entering the title of the worksheet into the "Title" field and clicking the "Create Worksheet template" button shown here:

Now you are on the template editor, this is where you setup the worksheet - put the fields/checkboxes on it

You can specify if they default to Public (visible on PDFs) - or Private.

You can choose the Ticket Custom Fields that these will automatically attach to.

Multiple Copies of the Same Worksheet

Some shops will want a "Pre" and "Post" (before and after) checklist, you can type the various names in the field for multiple copies - and when a ticket is created it will automatically get the right copies with the right names added to it.

Concrete example, cell phone repair - you have a pass/fail for every button/speaker/etc - so you could have a copy show up 3 times. Once for when the phone comes in, once for when the tech is done, and once for the front reception to do QA

Filling them Out (On a Ticket)

When you are looking at a ticket with worksheets added, it looks something like below.

As a tech with no manage permissions, you can fill out fields - and finalize. Finalize means "you are done" working on the checklist, and only someone with Worksheets-Manage permission can un-finalize that checklist. This is handy so you don't accidentally have people editing old historical worksheets.

There is a changelog that admins can view - it shows every change to every field with the person's name and the time.

These live update, so if you have a ticket open by multiple people, or on multiple computers, they stay in sync in realtime. (like google docs!)

You can click the name to rename, you can click Private/Public to toggle that.

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