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RepairShopr Referral Program

Now you can refer your friends, clients, neighbors, or anyone to become a RepairShopr user and we'll give you a spiff!


When you refer someone, each time their subscription renews we'll credit you 20% of their plan price toward your next invoice with us.

How it works

When you refer someone to us, just contact us so we can get you recorded as their referrer.

As long as you are a paying customer and they are a paying customer, when their subscription renews we'll calculate 20% and put that on your account with us a credit.

As an example, let's say you're on our Repair Shop plan for $129.99 / month. You refer your friend Joe to RepairShopr and he signs up for a Repair Shop plan. You'll now get a $26 discount on your monthly plan as long as Joe continues on his plan. If you refer 5 clients or friends to RepairShopr, your plan is free!

If somebody chooses the Annual Subscription plans, then you will receive a 20% discount based off of their annual price the month they renew rather than a monthly discount.

The RepairShopr Referral Program applies to any user that signs up for our standard plan prices. The referral program is for any new sign ups but doesn't apply to previously referred users.

How to claim it

Just contact us via our normal help channels ( or the in-app Feedback widget) and tell us the name of the account you referred. We'll take it from there!

The Spirit of our Referral Program

The main idea here is that we think spreading the word on RepairShopr can be really helpful to everyone!

You can help your clients set up their RepairShopr accounts and add a new revenue stream while also saving on your own RepairShopr account. And your friends and clients get to use great software to help grow their businesses. Plus, the more RepairShopr users there are the more we're able to build a better and better system.

More than anything we have a real commitment to the repair community and do ask that people refrain from posting in forums just to get the referral credit. The quality of online communities and forums is created by their members. Of course we love it when people share their good experiences with RepairShopr and hope those awesome genuine recommendations continue.

Fine Print :)

  • Applies only to new account sign ups.
  • The Referral Program applies to our standard plan pricing.
  • Your discount will apply as long as your referral business has an active RepairShopr subscription.
  • You can claim referral credits up to the total amount of your monthly subscription! (If you find you're exceeding that, get in touch with us at and let's discuss what comes next.. :)
  • A referral credit can only be claimed by a single RepairShopr user (Shop Y's sign up can't be claimed by both Shop A and Shop B).
  • Our Referral Program doesn't apply to new locations of existing RepairShopr users or accounts.
We're excited about this offer and how it can help both our existing users and new potential RepairShopr users. 

If you have any questions, please write us at!

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