Modifying an Invoice

Modifying Invoice Details

This article will go over how to edit invoice details, including editing details after payment.

Editing Invoice Details

What it Does

Allows you to edit the following details: Tech Notes, Date, Date Paid, Ticket Number, Payment method, Payer name, Reference Number, Tax, Paid

What it Doesn't Do

You cannot delete or clear a payment using this method.

From the Invoice detail page, click the “Change” button in the Invoice Details window:Inv__1001___Simply_Technical_Servicespng

From here, you can edit any part of this invoice details and finish by hitting the Update Invoice button.Screen Shot 2016-05-10 at 111420 AMpng

Editing Invoice after Payment

What it Does

  • Allows you to clear a payment for re-application at another time
  • Allows you to delete a payment so that you can re-apply a totally different payment

What it Doesn't Do

Does not refund a payment, to Refund a payment follow this link HERE

1. Go to the Invoice you need to edit.
2. Click on the Payment link:
3. Click "Delete" to delete the payment entirely, or "Clear" if you want to leave the payment on the customer account so that you can reapply it to a different invoice.

4. Go back to original Invoice. You will now be able to Edit.
5. After editing the Invoice, take a new payment.
That is it! You have edited your Invoice! 

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