Customer Portal

The Customer Portal is a page your Customers can go to to view their tickets, invoices, estimates, and attachments. You can open new tickets, approve/deny estimates, and even take payments! If you're using or Mercury, your customers can pay you through the portal on specific Invoices!

There are 3 ways your customers can access their portal.

1. There is a link at the bottom of each ticket email that they can click to directly sign into their portal.

2. You can embed our Sign in widget right into your website that they can use with their Ticket # and last name.

3. You can provide a link to <yoursubdomain> which is the RepairShopr Customer Portal login page.

If you want to see a Customer's portal, you can go to their Customer Detail page. Below the customer name you will see a link to view their Portal Profile.

If a Customer wants to log in to their portal with a username and password, you can also create a Portal User.

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