How do I set up my calendar in RepairShopr?

You can connect to your Google Calendar by clicking on your username in the upper right-hand corner, and then clicking on 'My Calendars'.

Here you'll associate your account with your personal Google Calendar.

Additionally, each member of your team will associate their individual user account with their own Google account.

Once you've connected your individual account, you can enable the calendar two-way sync:

This will sync to the software and show you as busy during those times when you have non-field jobs (for example, lunches, etc.) on your Google Calendar. Your field jobs and appointments will then also show on your Google calendar

If you want to sync each user calendar to a group calendar, just create the general company calendar and share it to each user. Make sure you share to the same user calendar e-mail address that is synced to the app.

For details on how to connect to your Outlook calendar, see our article here.

Big Chain Account Note:

Techs/Users can change the location they are viewing by clicking the Location drop down on the Calendar Tab.


When the User goes to make the appointment, there is a location field where they can specify the location they wish to make the appointment in.


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