Ticket Custom Fields

Yes! We call these Ticket Custom Fields. They exist in case you would like to gather custom sets of information for the devices you check in for repair.

Here is a video overview:

Here are the steps to set these up. Some good examples of ticket custom fields are:
  • Was the laptop with a power cord (lets not lose it!)
  • Additional Items with Computer: _______  (laptop bag, cds, etc)
  • Usernames for accounts

To set these up, head to Admin > Tickets > Ticket Custom Fields, or "Manage Custom Fields" when you create a new ticket. Once there, you can click the New Custom Field Type to get started.

After doing so, you'll be prompted to name your new Custom field type. Note that this name is what will "hold" the actual fields themselves. We recommend large context names, like "New Computer Check In, New Phone Check In, Computer Clean Up" etc. 

After creating your custom field type, click Manage Fields.

Click the New Field button.

Here is where you're able to add the fields that you need to capture. Select the name of the field, the type (drop down, text field, check box), and decide if you'd like to make the field required, and if you'd like to hide the custom field from the Ticket PDF.

As mentioned, you can add multiple custom fields to a custom field name. So in this example, "New Computer Check in", I can create multiple fields, like a text field for "Password" and a drop down for "Operating System." If I mark both as required, technicians will need to fill these out before the ticket can be created.

After creating your new custom fields, you'll see them on the right side of the screen when you create a new ticket:

We recommend spending some time working with custom ticket fields on a few test tickets before going live to make sure they're set up the way you want.

After you create the ticket, you'll see the custom fields on the ticket page itself. If you need to edit the information put in, you can using the Edit Custom Fields button.

**PLEASE NOTE** If you add a required field to a Ticket Type that is already assigned to some tickets, those tickets will all be in an invalid state - and won't be editable until you fill in those required fields.

If you rename a custom field, and it has already been assigned and filled with data on some tickets, the data in the original naming will not be visible anymore.

If you name two fields the same name, your data won't save properly, and may cause errors when trying to save data.

Additionally, special characters such as / and ? are not allowed in the names of custom fields.

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